The Zing Anything Aqua Zinger Water Bottle!

Everyone knows the benefits of drinking water. First, drinking water is a great weight loss strategy. Water makes your skin look better. It’s true, hydrating helps plump up those fine lines and wrinkles. Water will help you fight off fatigue and flush out toxins. Water can help with headaches! Water. It’s a glorious, wonderful thing and it’s boring as all get out!!

Not anymore!! HOORAY!! The Aqua Zinger Water Bottle is no longer available, but this water bottle is pretty darn close! I think I would like it more than the Zinger.

Check this OUT!! The Zing Anything Aqua Zinger Water Bottle lets me make flavored water to make it anything BUT boring!! I can infuse whatever herb, fruit even veggie I want!! Hello cucumber water!! Delicious!!
The Aqua Zinger Water Bottle is an insulated, stainless steel water bottle. What makes this water bottle STAND out from all other bottles?? There is a bottom-mounted grinder that retains the pulp of whatever fruit, veggie or herb I want in my water! The grinder let’s me have all the flavor and none of the floaties, meaning it holds all the pulp and seeds in the grinder.
I am so THRILLED!! I have made cucumber water, strawberry, peach water, lemon, lime the list just goes on and on!! The grinder cup is really BIG too! It holds a lot!! The water bottle itself holds 20 ounces!
The mouth of the water bottle is wide enough that I can load my Zinger with ice if I want, but truly the double wall, food grade, stainless steel really keeps my water cold. The Zinger has a soft rubber base, no clinking when I put my bottle down.

My Zinger comes apart easily, making it super EASY to clean!

I have to share a funny story I have to share. My Zinger arrived in the mail, I immediately loaded it up with strawberries and peaches.  Lightly shook the Zinger a couple times then put the Zinger in the fridge to chill, anxiously anticipating my dinner time drink! Well, that first batch was not meant to be mine. DH seeing this new, pretty blue, bottle WITH an ATTACHED fruit cup holder, was just too hard to resist. Yes, DH wanted to eat the fruit from the fruit cup, by unscrewing the grinder. WATER EVERYWHERE!! So, be sure to drink all the water before you open the Zinger. OR ask what the blue bottle is!? Either works.

I give The Aqua Zinger Water Bottle two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY UP!! Tomorrow?  I’m having blueberry water!! Jealous??

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