Are ya KIDDIN’ ME!??!!?

Woke up with a migraine. Had to cancel my date with my Grandson Eli.  Noise BAD…. light BAD… Baby Alice was sooo great though she took a nice long nap with me….. no crying all day….. She was SUCH a GOOD girl…. so what does her Nonnie do in return??  Locked her in the car.  Yup yup!!   Had to get gas before I give Baby Alice back to her mom.  So being THE greatest Nonnie EVER… I saw a shady looking grandmotherly looking woman standing on the sidewalk…… of course I believe she knows that the cutest 6 month old baby is in the backseat so I locked the door. (I know these things I watch CSI!!) I insert the nozzle and realize I haven’t pushed the button as I pass the door it ever so gently clicks with the frame of the car.  #)#@&$*&^ )#$&(@^#^&^@ @)(&$&N(%&# 47#^ )%&@^!!!!!  OHHHH YEA that sucker is locked. @#)$&**(@&#@& %)#&%*#&$ @)$*#$^
A very nice gentle man tired to help me with a coat hanger.  Then another truck full of helpful fellows stopped. I was THE buzz of the gas station!!  Baby Alice has now realized #1 the car is not moving #2 Nonnie is not talking to her or singing… and no music is playing.  Baby Alice is now SCREAMING.  Then one of the group called someone cause another gentleman arrived with a slim jim (which got broken during ‘operation save the screaming baby.’) I feel so bad!!  I know that my daughter has to be freaking out because we swap cars MAYBE 15 minutes from my house.  My phone is on the seat… I can see it!! IT’s SITTING next to the KEYS! )(#$*@($^@$ )#*%&(#*$&  One nice gentleman offered his cell phone… but I’m in such a panic I can’t remember anyONE’s phone number!!!!!! )(#$U(#*$UI#U.  The only number I can remember is my home phone….. but DH is asleep and probably won’t hear the phone….. so I left a message.
After 35 minutes Baby Alice was rescued.  I’m dripping with sweat…… hugged everyone…. held Alice… fought with her to get her back into her carseat (Seriously?! Where is the trust??!)  Then of course the gas pump has reset so I have to go inside ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?!?  !)#(&(#&BN!(*@(!*# @)#&@(&#!!!!
Get Alice out of the carseat… I’m not taking any chances!!!!!
So finally get to Lowe’s to swap cars and explain to my daughter ………. only to find out that DH did hear the phone and called Selena who couldn’t come rescue me because MY CAR battery was DEAD!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! @)($&@(*$&(*@&$*( )@(*#&@*^$
Now I’m home….. I have my slurpy cup full of merlot and it may not help my migraine…. but I don’t CARE!!!!!! I hope my rescuer  knows what a great thing he did tonight. I hope he and his family has a VERY SAFE and MERRY Christmas.
Anyone else locked their baby in the car?  I was so ready to break the window…….  note to self… learn some phone numbers!!!  Stupid auto dial!!

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  • wizkey

    When my oldest was a baby I locked him in the car while I went to the ATM, which I had parked directly in front of. However, I accidentally locked my keys and cell phone in the car with him. I had to run inside the bank and they let me use the phone to call AAA. Fortunately we had a sun roof which was cracked open, so we were able to snag my keys with a coat hook and open the door that way. Took almost half an hour but my son slept through the whole thing!! I feel for you sister!!

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