Aromacare Essential Oil Diffuser and Bluetooth Speaker!

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I’m obsessed with diffusers lately and each time I feel like I have the best one another version comes along and blows me away. The AromaCare diffuser has a Bluetooth speaker – so not only can I make the room smell cozy I can set the tone with Christmas classics! I know, right?

The box arrives very simply packaged, the cord and instructions are in the units reservoir. Its so simple – all you do it plug it in and the Bluetooth seeks your device automatically. That being said I would have your phone, iPad or whatever device ready for pairing when you plug it in.

Once paired that’s it, fill the reservoir with water and the oils of your choice. When you turn it on it will automatically pair to your device from now on. The unit has a light feature with several colors to choose from and a bright color setting and a diffused color setting or no light at all.

The reservoir holds a generous amount of water and puts out the perfect amount of mist. This is my favorite unit so far! Definitely worth your money! Makes a great gift for teachers, office staff and anyone else you can imagine!

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