Ava The Monster Slayer A Warrior Who Wears Glasses!

AvaI was so excited to receive this book! Lately 4-year-old Alice has been going through a “I’m scared” stage. Alice is afraid of everything lately! From going in her room alone in the BROAD daylight! To not wanting to sleep in her own bed at night. I take every opportunity to point out when something or someone is brave. Ava The Monster Slayer A Warrior Who Wears Glasses story to the rescue. First, I read through the book to see if I was going to make matters worse! I decided Alice would enjoy this book and I could teach Alice a little more about being brave.

Starting with the cover I pointed out to Alice the similaritimagees that she and Ava have. They both are Princesses complete with tiaras! Ava and Alice both love pirates and both have swords! (Seriously, what self-respecting Princess doesn’t have a sword??) Ava and Alice both look like they are four years old. Ava and Alice both have boots with straps. Both have cuddly animals that they love to sleep with. Both girls have heart pajamas too. I read each and every page in my funniest voice. Alice laughed, giggled and cheered for Ava!

Ava is ready for bed when she discovers that Mom has left Piggy in the dryer. In the dryer in the basement! Where the monsters are!
Ava has to be brave to get Piggy! There is no one to help her tonight. Mom is on the phone, Dad is working in the garage, big brother (you know, the trouble maker that told Ava about the monsters in the first place!) is no help at all.  It was 101° and Alice ever the trooper put on footed pajamas (With hearts!) rain boots with hands AND A cape for NaNa’s Ava The Monster Slayer picture. AND SMILED!!! What an awesome kid!!!

The brave and fearless Ava pushes up her glasses, puts on her cape, grabs her sword, puts on her boots and crown and heads for the dryer.
Ava has to battle monsters throughout the dark house. With each obstacle Ava reminds herself that Piggy NEEDS her!

Each time Ava conquers a monster with highlighted, large print ALL CAPS narratives. Ava is a fierce protector of Piggy! Monsters aren’t killed in this story, oh no, monsters are scared away!


Don’t underestimate Ava just because she’s “cute” and wears “adorable glasses”—she’s really a fierce monster slayer. And when her beloved Piggy is left in the dryer in the basement, Ava knows she’ll have to face the ferocious monsters lurking in the dark if she wants to rescue her favorite stuffed animal. So she puts on her brother’s superhero cape, grips his sword tight, puts on her pink rain boots and sparkly princess crown, and creeps downstairs.

Not even the roar of the greenest and hairiest monster is going to stop this spunky girl. Even though she’s scared and the monsters smell terrible, Ava is determined to rescue Piggy. Ross Felten’s brisk, sketch-like illustrations help bring energy and humor to this story of bravery and loyalty. Young readers will relate to Ava’s mission and delight in her victory over the monsters. Ava the Monster Slayer is sure to appeal to children worried about monsters in their own homes and kids devoted to their own stuffed animals.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Lisa Maggiore
Illustrator: Ross Felten
Publication Date:2015-09-01
Number of Pages:32 Pages
Book Type:Hardcover
Size: 8″ by 10″


Nope, none. Ava the Monster Slayer is a super cute book that proves Ava and Alice can battle and scare away monsters!



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