Awesome Picnic Backpack Bag for 4 People!

Move over igloo there is a way, WAY better to bring along food for a road trip, picnic or hike!! Check out the Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack.  I LOVE this backpack!! Check out the benies in this picnic bag! Starting with the fact that the brown, tan, white color combo is awesome! The picnic backpack is very well made. Adjustable and well padded straps means you can wear this on a long hike easily! We love hiking, camping and movies in the park so this is PERFECT for us!!

The real “WOW” comes with everything that is packed inside this picnic backpack!! A double-sided picnic blanket that is soft flannel on one side and a waterproof on the other. The blanket is a generous 45″ by 53″. There are no loose seams or defects on the blanket at all. The blanket has finished edges. My favorite part is that the blanket rolls up and attaches to the side of the backpack. So the entire backpack can hold food in the insulated area. Add a cold pack and your food will stay cold all day!!

On the opposite side is a removable insulated bag for a bottle of soda or wine! The wine bag is attached not just with clips but also a large square of Velcro. Even a large bottle of wine or soda isn’t going anywhere!!

There is also a compartment on the front of the bag to hold dry items or personal items like keys, book, phone and of course don’t forget a small portable speaker so you can enjoy music on your picnic.

On to the BEST PART of this picnic backpack! ALL of the utensils you need for 4 people is secured in the flap that opens completely so you easily removed the plate, wine glasses, utensils, salt & pepper shakers, cloth napkins too!! EVEN a small 6″ by 6″ cutting board!! All secured in its own little spot.
This would be the perfect wedding gift! Or gift for the outdoor lover in your life. Personally I can’t wait for our next movie in the park!!! I love this backpack!!


Nope, not a single whine here. The color is awesome. Although, there are other color combinations available. With everything included except the food I couldn’t ask for better!! This is a GREAT picnic backpack! Absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!



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