Bad people!! BAD!! BAD!!!

I don’t know about anyone else but I am having a heck of a time with Malware messages!  When I go to open my own page I get a message about sites I have linked too.  I have had to remove 2 different button,s in two days, from my blog because I get the message they contain Malware.  Seriously!! Why can’t the people that design these things do something constructive with there talents!!  Imagine if they built programs to make life easier….. instead of just ruining someones work?!?! GGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!

So if your button is missing I will put it back as soon as I stop getting the bright red screen of death.

On a much much happier cuter adorable note………. loooook at this face!!!   Ohhhh WAIT … you can’t see BabyT’s face because apparently SHE ISN’T a Denver Bronco’s fan!!??!

Everyone’s a critic!!! 


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