Be My Valentine! With Peaceable Kingdom! #Valentines

I finally found a way for 5-year-old Alice to actually WANT to practice writing her name! Valentines!! Super cute Valentines from Peaceable Kingdom. These are so cute, brightly decorated designs and on a heavier paper than the ones that are available at the drugstore.

Alice was very excited to receive these both styles of Peaceable Kingdom Valentines because they are scratch and sniff. The first style has adorable Fairies. These really do have the bubble gum scent! Super cute design with bright cheerful fairies.

Alice’s favorite set though, which I was convinced would BE the faeries was actually the Pencil Topper Scratch & Sniff Valentines! She loved the penguin, snake, skunk and what she is positive is a yeti. (It’s a gorilla! HONEST Alice! I promise!) 

This set does not come with the pencils, but a quick trip to Walmart we found Valentine Pencils to attach to the cards. The back of each Valentine has a cheat guide for how the pencil goes in so that you don’t disrupt the picture on the front.  SUPER cute!!

Each package of Valentines comes with 28 cards and 28 envelopes. The pencil topper Valentines comes in a slender box with a handle so that we can easily deliver the cards to school on February 14th!


A minor whine, which really isn’t against the cards but more the envelope. The Pencil Topper Envelopes are not large enough to put the pencil inside. So we opted to attach the pencils and not use the envelopes. We could have taped the pencil to the envelope but if you had ever seen Alice with tape you would know this would not be cost-effective! There would be more tape than pencil on the envelope.

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