Beauty Box 5 January 2017!

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Beauty Box 5 has to be my favorite box of goodies that I receive every month. Of course, they sent items that I needed!!

Let me share with your what is in this month’s box that has me so excited!

This month’s theme is Red Carpet Ready! Each box comes with cute little postcards; this one is decorated in gold sparkles and says “Ready For My closeup” I always look forward to the cute little postcards. Several of them have made it to my home office bulletin board.  The opposite side is the description of each product in the box.

SO SUSAN ♥ Light Diffuser Not only is this a beautiful contour color to make your cheekbones really stand out but it has an illuminator over the top of your cheekbones. The over all look POPS!! I love the scent as well. A mixture of cocoa and coconut. Lightweight. Rich color. Pretty color box and compact as well! I am a real sucker for turquoise and brown together.

PUR-LISSE ♥ Pur-Delicate Soy Milk Cleanser This is gentle, doesn’t irrirate my skin. It has great ingredients like soy milk, s
oy proteins, whole oats and white tea. This one takes off all my makeup, even mascara. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after I rinse either. This is a keeper! #purlisse

NOVEX ♥ Bamboo Sprout Leave-in Conditioner This is a must have for winter! A leave in conditioner that doesn’t weigh my hair down. My hair feels AMAZING AND it’s full of shine. Wooo HAAAAA!! This is made with bamboo sprouts #NOVEX

NANACOCO ♥ Classic Collection Nail Polish  This is a wonderful polish. The perfect pinkish, brownish color. The color is a perfect wintery color. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! #NANACOCO

MASKERAIDE ♥ Spotted Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches These I will hand over to my daughter who still at almost 40 has regular breakouts. I’ll report later how these work for her.  The package contains small patches that absorb excess oils and calms red areas. Made with salicylic acid, volcanic ash and tea tree oil. Place these on breakouts before bed on cleansed skin for the best results.Get Free Shipping on your purchase of $50 or more at


No whines here; just another great box of goodies! From the absolutely awesome nail color to the leave in conditioner that my abused hair needs!

I honestly believe that BB5 is 100% a fabulous buy, starting at $12 a month if you buy monthly. Lower prices if you buy quarterly and even better savings for yearly boxes. I don’t think you would be disappointed!

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