Beauty Box 5 October 2016

Beauty Box 5 October 2016 Review

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Y’all know month after month I tell you how much I love my Beauty Box 5 haul. Always filled with beauty products that I may not have found without BB5. I’m still ga-ga over Go Smile from the September 2016 box! Add equal parts Go Smile and your regular toothpaste and brush like normal. My teeth are so much whiter after just 7 days with NO sensitivity. That one is an absolute keeper!!

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October 2016’s Beauty Box 5 theme is “Girl Boxx!” Boss Babe Comin’ Thru!!!  So let’s dig in! Starting with the postcard which is going on my bulletin board.  I actually touched it thinking it was really written in lipstick?! Noooo I wasn’t drinking. It DOES look real!! HONEST!!
beauty box 5 October 2016
CHELLA Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil;  Here we go again, some how the folks at BB5 have been looking at my shopping list in my phone. Because I JUST watched a YouTube video about using a highlighter for the water line of your eyes, just under your brow and between your cupids bow on your lips. So I thought, ya’ know I want to try that. Two days later? TADA…. here it is!! This little pencil really does highlight but without glitter!! Chella stays all day and does open up my eyes. This is a nice creamy pencil. It doesn’t smudge though it just stays put, which I really like. It’s also an amazing concealer! I will always have this in my beauty bag. #ChellaBeauty

Beauty Box 5 October 2016

COLOR ME Femme Gold Perfume; This is a small sample vial of a sexy spicy, floral scent. OH my GOODNESS do I smell divine!! I love a perfume that doesn’t arrive before me and doesn’t linger after. I want a kind of lean in subtle perfume. This is IT!!!  I’ve already put it on my Christmas Wish list. BTW did you know that you should never rub your wrists together after you apply a scent? It disrupts the oils and scents. If you want you can touch your wrists together but rubbing is not good.  #ColourMe
Beauty Box 5 October 2016
♥EMERY + IVORY Custom Nail Appliques; There are 16 nail appliques that look like marble. These will be fun for Halloween week. I haven’t tried them yet but I can’t wait! The strips are supposed to stretch and stick easily. How fun is that design? It’s called Emery & Ivory. I love play on words products. #EmeryAndIvory #EINails
Beauty Box 5 October 2016
♥REAL HER Moisturizing Lipstick; I received the color Be Yourself Be RealHer. This gorgeous color is a deep brick-red in the tube and a little more reddish pink on. I only wear this shade going out on the town. BUT, during the day with a swipe of a light pink I think this will be the perfect shade for daytime too!! This lipstick is very pigmented so it stays ON!! I love how moisturized my lips feel. So much so I have already ordered the nude shade I Love Myself. I love the black and white tube it’s very retro and chic. I also love the way Real Her is branded into the lip color.  #RealHerCosmetics

 ♥AMLACTIN Ultra Hydrating Body Cream; This is a great body moisturizer. Keeps my dry hands and elbows from feeling dry and cracked. I love that it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy after feeling. Another keeper! You are really going to want this for the winter months!  #AmLactin
Beauty Box 5 October 2016

WOW!! What a box!! 4 full size items!! They are marked with the ♥ You can scroll back up, I’ll wait. Impressive huh??


Nope, no whines. I think my favorite from this month is the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil, closely followed by Femme Gold Perfume. What was your favorite?

I honestly believe that BB5 is 100% a fabulous buy, starting at $12 a month if you buy monthly. Lower prices if you buy quarterly and even better savings for yearly boxes.

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