Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor Review

Have you ever noticed the overwhelming number of fitness monitoring devices there are on the market? There really are so many gadgets to choose from it makes me go cross eyed! I was looking for a simple, easy to use Heart Rate Monitor when I was offered the Beets Blu to review. It’s exactly what I was looking for. This device you wear around your upper chest, I have mine right under my bra. It fits comfortably and STAYS put all day long. The device is on a soft adjustable elastic strap. It closes with a heavy duty snap.

The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor is not just comfortable to wear all day but it links up with vast array of fitness apps like RunKeeper, Digifit, Strava, Runtastic, MapMyRun and so many more!

The owners manual is easy to read with clear easy to follow directions.

Track everything from running, fitness, crossfit, spinning, workout, exercise!! Even my walking regiment!

When you sync your Beets Blu with your app you can learn so much about your workout!! Heart rate, calories burned, current heart rate zone and more right on your smartphone. I love that Beets BLU heart rate monitor helps me to focus on my cardio and keeping myself in my targeted heart rate zone. Everything is synced to fit MY fitness level. My age, my weight, my (nonexistent) fitness level.

At night I lay the Beets Blu out flat and on the counter in the bathroom to remind me to put it on first thing in the morning.


I have absolutely NO complaints!! I wear it all day everyday. The Blu sync’s quickly. It fits wonderfully, it’s easy to use and it’s wireless and connects via bluetooth. Added bonus the Beets Blu arrives with a battery already installed. A battery that will last for a year too boot!!


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