BeKOOOL Prize Pack Review & GiveAWAY!!!!

First, I have to say I WISH I had known about BeKOOOL on our last trip to Yosemite. HOLY MOLY Alice and I were bug bait!! BeKOOOL WILL be in my backpack the next camping trip. Oh, the heck with that I’m keeping them in my purse!! So, now that I’ve peeked your curiosity I’ll tell you about this KOOOL little product!! BeKOOOL (Yes, with 3 o’s) is a small clear patch that instantly relieves the itch!!  Whether the itch is from a bug bite, poison ivy or well, anything that itches!!
Alice had a bug bite on the top of her foot, she was picking at it all morning!! I pulled out the BeKOOOL and she helped me put the clear little dot on her foot. Alice didn’t touch it again! And Alice and NaNa went back to our puzzle! AWESOME!!!
I’ve used a BeKOOOL patch on my own mosquito bites. AWESOME!! And it stayed put after a shower too.

No more outings ruined or kids being miserable because they can’t stop scratching that itch!!
Giveaway Photo
(MAN I wish Icould use these patches on the DOG!!! BeKOOOL could you work on that please?)
BeKOOOL is so much better than that spray that SMELLS BAD and gets everywhere!! BeKOOOL is so much better!! SO PORTABLE!! So convenient!! It doesn’t wash off and even more important, NO MORE ITCH!!! BeKOOOL is a clear medicated “Itch Relief Patch” that stays put even if your perspiring!! There are 18 patches in a flat envelope. SUPER easy to carry.  I have a set in the diaper bag, backpack and my purse. I have package at home and one in the car. YES, I am THAT impressed!! You will be too.  I found them at Walgreens, Walmart and
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The FABULOUS folks over at BeKOOOL are giving one extremely LUCKY Peanut Butter and Whine follower a HUGE BeKOOOL gift box. Check out the LOOT!! 
You can read more about the prize pack on the next page, follow the read more link after the Giveaway. Good Luck!! 


Win the entire line of BeKOOOL® products, a year-long subscription to FamilyFun Magazine, the book, The Travel Mamas’ Guide, and a BeKOOOL tote:

The Travel Mamas’ Guide is THE book on how to travel with babies and children…and stay sane! Recommended by Working Mother Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel and “The Ricki Lake Show”—this book takes the worry out of family vacations so traveling parents and children can focus on fun. Author Colleen Lanin (a.k.a. The Travel Mama) gives practical advice and shares humorous tales from moms and dads, travel aficionados, and childcare experts in the guide. (

FamilyFun gives parents the ideas and inspiration they need to create unforgettable family moments. The magazine’s staff is made up of trusted experts on family vacations, cooking, celebrations, play, creative projects and learning—the full spectrum of fun that enriches the precious time families share. In every issue of FamilyFun, parents can find hundreds of ideas for holidays and celebrations, from Halloween costumes and party foods to clever Valentine cards and Thanksgiving Day games. (

BeKOOOL’s Itch Relief Patches provide fast-acting, targeted, medicated relief from itching due to insect bites, poison ivy, minor skin irritations, cuts and scrapes. The Itch Patch is nearly invisible on skin and provides a protective physical barrier that stays in place and helps protect the irritated area from further infection. (

BeKOOOL Cooling Wipes are single use cloths that provide instant personal cooling without refrigeration.

BeKOOOL Kids are single use cooling gel sheets specially formulated for kids to provide immediate cooling relief from fever.

BeKOOOL Migraine are single use cooling gel sheets that provide immediate soothing relief from migraine headaches. 


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