Beware! North Pacific Land Management MY Review

Here I go again with some MAJOR whines.  Refresher: last year we hired North Pacific Land Management to help with our property. Our land (11 acres) was very overgrown and needed some thinning. We are always very aware of fire season. I am so paranoid that we could lose everything. We are surrounded by a lot of trees and bushes. Some are dead. Like brown, standing eye sores.

North Pacific Land Management came out and explained they would thin out the trees. They would take the trees they cut down and sell them. This is considered their payment. That’s fine. We still were going to be winners. Our existing trees would have more room, they would be healthier. Thinning out would also allow for new growth. SWEET!!! This is sounding great.

The debris would be shredded. The tree stumps would be ground down. The trees that can’t be sold will be cut for firewood for you, or we can sell them for you and give you the proceeds. I pointed out the 5 dead trees that are RIGHT in front of the house. These? OH yes, those will be removed. The larger debris will be burned (with a controlled burn) come spring.

AMAZING! This is a dream come true! SERIOUSLY! Go look at the North Pacific Land Management website and see the AFTER pictures!! We were giddy!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhkayyyyyyy. Now lets talk reality. The work started right away. North Pacific Land Management hauled off semi after semi of trees. Debris was stacked up in two areas of the property. Some areas of the eleven acres were not even touched. Truly by the end of fall 2022 the land looked like crap! It looks SO BAD. SO, SO, SO BAD. Spring arrived in 2023 and nothing. I wrote emails, left messages asking ‘when will you come back to clean up?’  Finally, a (yes, single) worker showed up and lit the two HUGE, HUGE, HUGE piles of debris on fire and then THEY LEFT. I kid you NOT! THEY STARTED A FIRE in a still dense, debris filled, dead tree standing land area and then they LEFT!!! If you aren’t aware of our CONTROLLED fire story PLEASE read this post. I can’t even……… deep breathe…… breathing……breathing….. calm……. I am calm.

After that all calmed down. A month went by and I sent another email and asked “When will the rest of the work be completed on our land?”

The answer?  “Your job is completed”

SAY WHAT?!?!?!!? Here are pictures from North Pacific Land Management’s own website.

North Pacific Land Management before picture

HERE is what we imagined AGAIN from THEIR own website!

North Pacific Land Management after picture FROM their website

Now since I’m all about proof. Here are videos that I have taken this week of our COMPLETED project according to North Pacific Land Management.

Let’s start with the view when you approach our driveway. Yes, THIS is the first impression you will have when you arrive at our home.

Here is the other side of the property.

AND finally, the driveway closest to the house that wasn’t even TOUCHED!!!

If you are contemplating using North Pacific Land Management, I URGE you to ASK people that have contracted with them!!! If you are in or around Sandpoint Idaho AND want to see firsthand, let me know!! I promise to try to stay calm. I won’t scream (well, not a whole lot anyway) but, I will show you what our land looks like now.

There are no logs cut into firewood size. There are no ground up stumps. There are STILL blackened piles or debris that were supposed to be shredded into mulch. Our land looks like crap.

AND!!! THE ENTIRE REASON that I wanted to hire North Pacific Land Management is mainly for the 5 dead trees straight out from the house ARE STILL STANDING!!  WTF!??!

North Pacific Land Management. Dead Trees

MAN when I have a whine, I love to go ALL OUT!! Sorry for the yelling. It was necessary.

My advice. FIND a different company to work with!! RUN away from North Pacific Land Management. PLEASE!!!

If you have friends in Washington or Idaho please forward this post to them. PLEASE!! I would hate for another landowner to suffer the same fate.


  • Sue E

    In my opinion, you did the right thing! Not enough people speak up when a company does them wrong!
    I’m like you!! I make it known!! My late husband would have said the same thing. He didn’t like confrontation. He would have said that this is a trivial matter – leave it alone! Kudos to you!!
    I have a sister who lives outside of Seattle, WA THANKS!!

  • gloria patterson

    So the long and short of it was they got lots of trees to make money off of………………. you got left with a lot crap mess………………………. AND SOME BIG DEAD TREES THAT YOU WANTED CUT!

    BUT my question is are YOU going to drop it and move on??????????? OR are you planning on them coming back and finishing the job on the contract…. Of course I didn’t comment on how you would get their asses 🙂

  • Rosie

    I’m wondering if what they concentrated on were trees that they could get some money out of it, rather than small dead or half dead trees. Probably need to hire another company, you might need to do it a few times.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I mean, they left a lot of DEAD TREES!!! That is the main thing you want to be rid of, right???? That’s the big fire hazard. You should post a link to this on their Facebook page, lol. Oh, they will remove it, but people will see it before they can do that!

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