Billboards with Fascinating Science Facts

Vancouver’s Science World is a not-for-profit organization/facility dedicated to
spreading the awe and wonder of science for kids and adults alike.
In collaboration with their long-term advertising agency partners Rethink,
Science World are well known in Canada for their award-winning outdoor
and ambient media campaigns. From billboards and bus shelters to
guerrilla ad placements, Science World campaigns are popular in
Vancouver for their quirky facts and unique presentation:
Enjoy!! And some of them…… well…….. I’m sorry….. but if I have to be
grossed out SO DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!  
Hydrofluoric Acid dissolves glass

mosquitoes love the color blue

A Beaver can cut down 200 trees a year

You eat 430 bugs every year

A Blue Whales heart is the size of this car

Your body contains enough carbon to fill 9,000 pencils

The two most common fears: Clowns and heights

Cat pee glows under black light

Your eye muscles move more than 100,00 times a day

You fart a balloon's worth of gas a day

Diamonds aren't all that rare

2oz of gold can cover a billboard

Japan gets 1500 Earthquakes a year

Lightning strikes 100 times every second

You grow 121 feet of hair every day

Humans are allergic to mosquito spit

You see better when you are scared

Pearls can weigh up to 6KG

You have 20sq feet of skin

You get taller in space

You swallow a litre of snot every day

Human tapeworms can grow up to 22.9m

Squirrels accidentally plant millions of trees

Tigers will use a litter box

You weigh less on the way down


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