Blackberry Playbook PLEASE!!!

I want this tablet!!!  I love my Blackberry (okay let’s be honest here….. I’m addicted to my Blackberry!) so when Blackberry came out with their answer to the iPad I was drooling! I want it!! I WANT it!!! I WANT!!
Blackberry Playbook is awesome it has everything I want in a tablet! It will play videos, it has a calendar, wifi enabled, flash, VIDEO chat!!!!! You can run apps simultaneously and in real time. AND it’ll work with my BB! It’s small enough to fit into my purse. I started on which does price comparisons with reviews. The Blackberry Playbook has 4.71 out of a 5 rating.  
Now to convince DH that I really NEED this Playbook. I’ve made good points right?? If not…… hummmm will YOU buy me one?!?!

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