Blankey Pets from Bottle Pets GIVEAWAY!!

When I was offered the chance to review a Blankey Pet from Bottle Pets. I pulled Alice on my lap and asked her if you would like a little blankey. I really thought she was too old for a Blankey Pet. I would have been wrong. I showed 3 year old Alice these pictures; she zoomed in on the Bunny Blankey Pet and said “I LOVE HIM!” From the day I showed her the picture until the day that Bunny arrived Alice asked “Is my Bunny here?”


Bunny Blankey Pet is so soft and cuddly! Bunny is absolutely so cute! Anyone of these adorable Blankeys would be a perfect baby shower gift!

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. Alice wants to cuddle in peace!! I’m hoping to update this pictures ASAP!

From the top of the Bunny head (not the top of the ears) is 12″. Bunny’s body is 7½” by 9″.  Alice uses Bunny as a blanket to wrap her dolls, cuddle with while watching television. Bunny comes with us in the car, bunny is just so soft and cuddly Alice doesn’t want to put him down.

Bunny Blankey has a green and white ribbon attached at his neck, wrists and feet.  The feet and hands all have crinkle paper inside so it makes noise when he is played with. I truly love that Bunny doesn’t have the crinkle paper everywhere, so he isn’t a really noisey blankey. His face is stictched on; so that means there are no loose parts.  Just a soft cuddly blankey! I do keep calling this Blankey a he because Alice named him Bob.

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I am so excited to host a giveaway for your choice of a Blankey Pet. This would be perfect to put in a gift basket for a new baby! Or as a gift for a cuddle bug kid!!


One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their choice of Blankey Pets. Good luck!!



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