Brightech™ – DoublePlay HD Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter

. I actually had no idea what this was or what it did when it was offered as a review. NOW? Now I can’t image not having it! So what is it? Well; this little guy lets me broadcast an audio signal to two different devices at once. I don’t sleep well at night and I don’t want to disturb The Husband this little guy lets me use my headset without any cords! HOWEVER!!! MY favorite way to use the DoublePlay?? I have a ton of music files on my laptop. My laptop puts out terrible sound. I have a fantastic set of Bluetooth speakers and using the DoublePlay I have the BEST of both worlds!! MY music with excellent sound at the touch of a button!

In the package is the Transmitter; it has only one button; the PAIRING button. My first experiment, I plugged the male/male 3.5 audio jack into my audio device, in this case my laptop. Since there is no internal battery you do have to plug this in with the USB cord to operate. I plugged it into my laptop; but a USB wall charger works equally as well. Push the pairing button and bam! My music started playing!! No hesitation, just music!
I was so excited I had to try pairing my Galaxy S4 phone (which has even more music stored on it) and BAM it works!! No muss NO fuss. Easy!! By the end of the test I had 2 MP3 players, 1 MP4 player, 2 mobile phones, an iPad on my lap. Each and everyone one of my devices paired with the push of a button. This is an ABSOLUTELY sweet device!!

I can turn all of my electronics into a stereo! As long as you have 3.5″ jack (think earphones) the DoublePlay will work.

The DoublePlay works quickly each and every time. The transmitter is compact and lightweight. You do have to pair this every time you want to use it but it’s so fast (a split second fast!) that you won’t mind.

The volume is controlled by the device.

The sound is clear and the quality is awesome! There is no lagging between the audio device and my speakers.


This is the coolest gadget!! The DoublePlay is easy to pair with each and every device I threw at it. I couldn’t be more thrilled!


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