Brooklyn Water Main

Our water supply is our most precious resource. It fulfills our most urgent and basic need after breath, and it must be fiercely protected. Across the globe, children and families are going without clean drinking water. They have to resort to drinking from dirty ponds and basins that could be polluted with deadly bacteria. In the Western world, we hardly have to worry about such problems. While other people are suffering to merely find any water to drink, we mass produce plastic bottles to contain our water, while the remnants go unnoticed in landfills. Our supply of clean drinking water appears to be bountiful, and indeed it is compared to other people’s. However, we are taking our water for granted by a vast degree. We’ve gone such a long time without thinking about what our consuming culture could be doing to the planet and it’s inhabitants, and it’s time for a change. The earth’s supply of clean drinking water is very limited, and the majority of it is actually found underground. This is why it’s important that we’re careful with the disposal of chemicals because they could easily end up in our glass. The city of New York is truly sprawling and residents rely on safe water every day. It’s up to organizations like the Brooklyn Water Main to restore the integrity of broken lines and to notify residents if there’s been a call on the water in an area. By working together, we can preserve our world’s water and save it for people who are in need.

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