Build-A-Bot Bunny Is HERE!

I absolutely love toys that encourage creativity and mix in learning as well as direction following. Build-A-Bot does just that.

BuildABot Toys

Like most parents and grandparents our favorite toys to buy are the challenging ones. Something super easy and most kids, including Alice lose interest.

Build-a-Bot buddies are so cute! Not only cute, but your kids build it!! Build it and watch it come to life! From Bee Bots to Bunny Bots. It’s a home run!

The Build-a-Bot box has a note on the bottom that says: 5 to 7 may need help. 8 to 10 can assemble the robot on their own. We found that to be very true. 6-year-old Alice needed some help to get the legs attached. She did great with the other steps.

When your robot is complete you can add your own personal touches like different color eye stickers, and other sticker embellishments. Then add 2 AA batteries, flip the switch under the chin of the rabbit then push upwards on her tail and watch her hop around.

That’s not all, move the ears around and watch her hop in different ways. It’s super cute to watch!

You can even take the robots apart and reassemble them or even  mix and match the other character Build-A-Bots to create a unique original character of your very own.

Build-a-Bot takes robotics to the next level by building and personalizing your very own pet.

I’m impressed with the easy to follow directions which include pictures in each step.

There are 20 easy click together pieces to assemble.

Each of the robot pieces has a number inside making the building easy.


No whines here!! There are real benefits to this robot other than FUN!
•Discover technology through hands on activities
S.T.E.M. Learning Mixed with Fun – Bringing building & learning for more play value and long-term benefits.
•Activity-focused to create real learning experiences.
•Gives children confidence to take apart and play with mechanical parts, to create a strong grasp of technology.
We love that we can take “Sparkle” the Robot Bunny apart and put it together again. We can mix all the robots pieces and create another UNIQUE robot!

Build-A-Bots are available at Walmart!!


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