Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin

Sometimes, it can be difficult for academics, professionals and practitioners to keep up with a constantly changing field, such as law. Those who focus their careers or teachings on corporations or security law should be subscribed to Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin. Butterworths provides all of the essential news and reading you need to be successful in the field of law. The bulletin is well-researched and contains the latest legislative developments, ASX news and changes, ASIC regulatory activities and releases, and other important information that could change how you conduct your business. The bulletin also focuses on upcoming events that help people develop themselves as professionals. These events and personal development seminars are hosted by specialists in the field who are ready and eager to work with you. This helpful calendar of events helps to keep you informed on the latest, must-see events in your area. Because Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin is published every other week, it is able to be up-to-date and well-researched. The information is put together in a tabulated and organized manner so that it is easy-to-read. Available to read online, this important bulletin is a must-read for anyone who works with corporation law on a regular basis.

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