Careers For The Big Thinkers Out There

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Finding the perfect career is no easy task. It depends on your personality and your talents. Someone could be technologically-gifted, for instance, but find that certain IT roles don’t appeal to them because they have a social personality and need human interaction. It’s important to weigh up both your characteristics and your skills if you want a satisfying job. You can’t truly enjoy your career if it only benefits you in terms of your academic abilities; you’ll always feel as if something is missing.

Likewise, a career that’s exciting but beyond your realm of expertise might be a non-starter. Obviously, you can always study in new areas, but our minds are geared to work in certain ways. Somebody might be smart enough to become a doctor, for example, but have the wrong mindset for the world of politics (even if it interests them). If you’re looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself on a mental level, then here are some careers for the big thinkers out there. We’ll talk about jobs that suit different personality types and preferences too.


This is a career that appeals to analytical thinkers who want to face new challenges on a constant basis. As a member of the judicial system, you’d have the opportunity to consume and interpret data to make important inferences. Lawyers help to maintain the fabric of society, so this is a career for big thinkers and those who want to protect the people. There can be no understating the importance of this job role in the world. You might want to consider studying with USC Online and researching the latest virtual law trends. This is an industry which continually changes, so you’ll need to keep studying and researching even after going to law school and passing your bar exam.

Environmental scientist.

You could always consider a career as an environmental scientist if you care deeply about the future of the planet. This is a very important job role for the modern age, given that we have problems to overcome such as climate change, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. If you’re a big thinker, then this type of career would give you the opportunity to put your brain to good use. You’d compile and analyze data to come up with solutions that would help to protect the environment in the present and the future. If you’re looking for a career that is rewarding on an individual level and helps to protect the lives of others, then you should consider studying to become an environmental scientist.

Web developer.

This is a career which will appeal to those who are analytical and creative. Web developers have the opportunity to create well-designed sites for clients, and this is incredibly rewarding on a creative level, but you’ll also need to be gifted with regards to understanding programming languages. You’ll need to be qualified to pursue a career in this area, of course. You might want to start off with some basic training courses if you’re still new to the world of web development. Once you’re sure you have a passion for coding and perhaps even designing websites, you’ll find it incredibly easy to gain programming knowledge. It’s a very intuitive career for those with analytical minds. Coding is very numerical, so it suits those with numerical abilities.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I need a new career, lol. I need something to fill my time stuck here at home. Maybe I’ll start thinking about that!

  • Rosie

    Some of the big companies still have rigidly defined jobs, that are more like a factory, but you aren’t building anything, just processing paperwork, or using a big rubber stamp to say “no” on health claims. You do have to apply yourself creatively to look for the big picture to be a leader and not just a bean counter. Nothing wrong with being a bean counter, though!

  • Michele Soyer

    I agree with Kate gone are hte days of one job or career for life and pension… there are opportunities that my generation never had to find a job that one really likes and enjoys.. a labour of love…..

  • Tamra Phelps

    I think environmental scientist sounds like an interesting career. I definitely think it’s going to be more and more in demand in the coming years.

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