• Udi Gluten Free Foods Back to School Lunch Challenge!!

    I have to admit, when someone offers me a challenge I am IN!! I was definitely in when the makers of Udi Foods challenged me to make a week’s worth of gluten-free school lunches. I immediately went to work!!  I have to admit I’m not very creative with lunches. I’m a sandwich and chips girl, but Udi products made it easier to spin off the chips/sandwich merry-go-round for at least a couple of lunches! First, I had to learn a little more about making a Gluten-Free meal.  The Mayo Clinic has a great article on what’s allowed and what’s not. Yes, I did a couple of sandwiches I can’t help…

  • The Talent!

    This is Dan (aka the Talent!) Dan is my darling daughter Selena’s boyfriend. Dan who works for Jenny Craig, was chosen to be in the new Jenny Craig work out videos. I need ya’all to go out and buy this dvd set so Dan can afford to buy Selena an engagement ring I need a GRANDBABY that lives close to me PEOPLE!!!!! I’m not gettin’ any younger!! (I’m soooo gonna hear about this post!)