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    I Am Radiant @scentbeauty #scentguru

    “Perfume is the most intense form of memory”  Jean Paul Guerlain I’ve probably told you about a hundred times about one of my favorite companies Scent Beauty.  Not only do they have the BEST selections of Eau de Toilette scents!! But, the packaging! I am A SUCKER for great packaging. Each month there is a different quote about perfume or cologne. This month really struck home with me. Not just perfume, but really any scent. BBQ for instance transports me immediately to a little Mom n Pop BBQ stand in Manitou Springs, Colorado I can almost taste the BBQ. I could spot it by sight but the name? Nope, can’t…

  • I Am Bright

    Perfume, Cologne Eau de Toilette Do You Know The Difference??? @scentbeauty #scentguru

    I am here to answer all some wait.. maybe a few of your questions. I am truly no expert. I know what I like and I like to smell good. FIRST, I like a very subtle scent. I don’t want to smell like I bathed in a bottle of perfume. I like subtle. So, on to the difference between perfume, cologne and eau de toilette. Basically, all fragrances are the same, but the name tells you the concentration of oil in alcohol and water. Fragrance is a big ole unisex term for any smelly substance that has fragrance oil diluted in alcohol and water. So, depending on the concentration, the…

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