• Today it rained and rained and rained….BUCKETS of rain…. a nice warm rain….. the best type of weather for singing and dancing in the rain!!!  (They soooo should write a movie like that!)  We played and played till we were soaked thru and thru!  THAT was SO much fun!! Even Eli who doesNOT like water on his head was laughing and giggling and running around with us.  I’m hoping it rains again before Nonnie has to go home.  That was just toooooo much fun!! 

  • Do you have Moon pictures??

    Why don’t I think this creatively with my camera?!?!  Ohhhhh pooor pooor BabyT will be my picture muse.  Poor little girl will think that Nonnie’s face is a camera lens.  Trust me on this!! When I’m lucky enough to spend time with Emma & Eli in Michigan I bring home well over 2000 pictures to sort through to put either on the wall, in a scrapbook or in a desk frame.  BabyT is local…… that baby doesn’t stand a chance. OHHHHH WAIT!!! Maybe this is how runway models get their beginnings!!!!  (that’ll make a great pitch Ok got a little WAY side tracked there ……. back to the cool pictures I wish I had…

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