Do you have Moon pictures??

Why don’t I think this creatively with my camera?!?!  Ohhhhh pooor pooor BabyT will be my picture muse.  Poor little girl will think that Nonnie’s face is a camera lens.  Trust me on this!! When I’m lucky enough to spend time with Emma & Eli in Michigan I bring home well over 2000 pictures to sort through to put either on the wall, in a scrapbook or in a desk frame.  BabyT is local…… that baby doesn’t stand a chance. OHHHHH WAIT!!! Maybe this is how runway models get their beginnings!!!!  (that’ll make a great pitch Ok got a little WAY side tracked there ……. back to the cool pictures I wish I had taken!!! How old does BabyT have to be to hold the moon??  Hummmmm I think earlier if Mommy isn’t around. 

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