Bed and Breakfast

Happy Anniversary to US!! 28 years!! 28 years?! HOW is that possible?? That’s a LOT of years! 28!? Talk about time flying. It insane to think I’ve spent 28 years married to my best friend.  Yup, it’s true… I still like him…. ahhhh I even like him enough to re-new his contract another year. (I was gonna say re-new his lease for another year but that just sounded NASTY!!)

We spent our anniversary at Jamul Haven it’s a Victorian Bed & Breakfast outside San Diego. A gift from our daughter Selena. What a CUTE! CUTE! place!!! The house is like stepping back in time. The very first phone ever to be in a home in Jamul is on the wall! Bill and Mairanne have gone to great lengths to make sure everything is as authentic as possible for the Victorian era. The house is amazing!!  Bill and Mairanne are such wonderful hostesses.  They’ve designed a wonderful, relaxing HAVEN. (It’s called Angel house) We stayed in the Celtic Room and it felt like a step back in time.

In the evening warm cookies and cold milk are sitting on the kitchen table for guests, which was just US! The whole house to ourselves!!  In the morning a full breakfast spread is set out (AMAZING breakfast!!) with fresh fruit, yogurt, breads, muffins ON TOP of the choice from the breakfast menu. I ordered the Dutch Baby Pancakes. I tried my darnedest to eat the whole thing. The pancake was THAT good!! The eggs are fresh from the chickens on site.
Garden Statue

The chicken coop actually had my head spinning with idea’s for a play house for the grandkids!  I thought this was the greatest little house….. I took a million pictures… you know… so DH could BUILD this for the grandkids!  As I am telling DH… Build it!! Build IT NOW!! I’m taking pictures from every angle. When DH said “Ohhhhhh you better come take a picture of this! You’ll need it for the floor plans.” WELLLLLLLLLLLLL  this house will be MUCH easier to build than I originally thought?!?!?!

Cute chicken coop

It’s PLASTIC?!?!? WHAT?! REALLY!?!? Ohhhhhh now I know for sure I want one of these! Even up close I didn’t see it was plastic!!
Here are a few more pictures from our stay at Jamuel Haven.
Beautiful porch
The stove?  It’s not an old stove! The top opens to a microwave and the stove is a real UPDATED MODERN stove! But it sure looks old!!
The hat box had little snacks.  How sweet is that?!?
On the desk is a diary for guests to write about their visit.  Ohhhhh can you see the claw foot tub in the corner of that picture. NOW that’s WHAT I’m talkin’ about!!!  I ADORE a claw foot tub!

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