I know I’ve told you before that Selena has some AMAZING friends…. but I have to say it again.  WOW!! Selena’s friends are the most caring and giving people!!
Get a load of THIS hat!!!  You know how I am about costumes (I plan to have an entire TRUNK of costumes for babyT and Nonnie to play dress up with.  Soooooooo can you imagine how giddy I was to see this HAT!?!?  How cute is that!?!?! 
Last week I was a lucky winner of “April Showers, Baby Girl Blog Shower” I won the bib set from Heartfelt Home Creations I was so excited that the Piggy bib and booties came in time for me to give it to Selena today. Thank you Vanessa! The little set is SO CUTE!!!!!!!  It was a baby shower HIT!!  Thank you!!!!!!! Isn’t it the CUTEST little set!!!??? 

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