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YES, it’s another one of those posts where I must shout “I LOVE MY JOB!!”

Charlie Girl

“Tails” of a Very Original Poodle
Her Very Happy Life
in the Town She Calls Home,
New York City!

I don’t even know where to start with this review!! Three year old Alice loves these books so much she HUGS THEM!?!  We LOVE this series of books, WE want more Charlie Girl stories!! Elizabeth Frogel the author of Charlie Girl has written these books so perfectly that I feel like I could pick out Charlie Girl anywhere!  Charlie Girl has personality and pizzazz! If Charlie Girl were a person I imagine her to be Katherine Hepburn, as a matter of fact; I’m quite certain that Elizabeth is Ms. Hepburn re-incarnate.

Charlie Girl books are large hardback books. These books are approximately 12½” x 9¾” with a dust jacket of beautiful light blue background, gold print and the lovely Charlie Girl herself all grace the cover.

The stories themselves are so well written that you feel as if Charlie Girl herself is really telling you about her day, the people she knows and the places she goes. Elizabeth draws the reader into their family.

Charlie Girl is the star of the books, a lovable, socialite, party girl, the 2½ year old Standard Poodle. Charlie Girl tells you about her city ‘New York’ in the first book. Charlie Girl tells you about her human parents, William the doorman, her friends at the park and even Carmen at Bergdorf Goodman. You travel with Charlie Girl from Central Park to art galleries.

Charlie Girl is based on a real life Standard Poodle.

Alice is in love with this book, I admit, I enjoy reading this as well. I can’t wait to see what mischief Charlie Girl will get into next! Ever seen a dog take herself down the elevator??? Charlie Girl has!!

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON and Barnes and Noble

Book two is as charming as book one.

 Charlie Girl

A story of Love and Instinct

I have to admit book 2 is my favorite. Charlie Girl is exactly like any child that gets a new sibling!! Charlie Girl is left wondering HEY!! What about ME!??! The attention that Charlie Girl is use to getting now goes to the BABY!?!?  But, Charlie Girl is the BABY!!

In this book you watch Charlie Girl go from being jealous and yet protective to truly adoring her new baby sister Ava. This would be such a great book to give to a family expecting another child. The feelings are the same whether you are human or canine; jealousy and protectiveness.  Eventually, Ava and Charlie Girl become best of friends!   This is such a GREAT story for every family!!


Charlie Girl’s Deluxe Enhanced Animated ebooks now available for sale on iTunes, Google Play and Kobo!! See the pup that inspired it all in action with birds flying, dogs barking, city noises, and bubbles floating out of her adorable bath. Watch Charlie Girl come to life!!

Narrated by Elizabeth Frogel’s young daughter, Ava, the heartwarming stories are told blending animation, text, sounds and illustrations to create a learning experience for young e-readers.

Charlie Girl has always been animated, but now she is REALLY ANIMATED!!!

Charlie Girl Her Very Happy Life AND Charlie Girl Love and Instinct

Charlie Girl

Charlie Girl Woof!


There are FREE downloads for educators or parents!! My favorite is the print out so your child can write to Charlie Girl!! There is a vocabulary worksheet and so many more!!


Charlie Girl has partnered with the ASPCA. $1 is donated for every copy sold. Know that when you purchase a Charlie Girl book, you are helping animals everywhere.

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NONE!!! Alice requests Charlie Girl books, NaNa gets cuddle time! The stories are intriguing and fun. Charlie Girl gives back to help other animals. What’s not to love?!?!  These are great books!!


One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win an AUTOGRAPHED copy (autographed by Elizabeth and CHARLIE GIRL too!!) of both books!!  AND the Apps too!! An awesome prize and just in time for Christmas!!! Good Luck!

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