Chat Light is SO COOL!!!

I live in a cave.  Seriously, our house is dark.  Bright lights hurt DH’s eyes with his MS. So I have been looking around for lights to help with the E’s and I do Facetime on the iPad and when I use Skype. I had never heard of Chat Light……. but this has to be one of the coolest invention ever. One of those awesome products you didn’t know you needed!!  Chat Light is newly patented which is probably why I had never heard of them. The Chat Light attaches to the side of you computer.  (Yup, they even make ’em for iPads!!) It doesn’t matter the size of your screen, so it’s going to work on a laptop and a desktop. 
There’s a lot of cool perks…… the light stays cool which is good for your computer!  The lights are sensitive to the color spectrum.  You look like you!  Not bleached out. You’ll look natural. No shadows either! 

For the iPad the Chat Light is only $19.99 and Laptop size is $24.99.  They will be ready to purchase really soon.  Follow them on Facebook so you’ll we will know when they are available to purchase!!


  • tawndam

    …as someone who also has MS… TELL ME MORE!… I find with me it’s not only the brightness… but the angle that light hits me

  • Tina Kohrman

    Wow what a cool idea. I am going to have to go to their Facebook page so I can know when they become available. I love this idea. Thanks for the post.

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