Chop! Chop! Chop!

Hey! For once I’m not talking about my HAIR when I say CHOP!!!!  I may have learned my lesson there… it’s still really, really, short!

This time I’m talking about kitchen stuff!! Yes, I know you’ve often wondered if I even KNOW where the kitchen is…… it’s just that it’s a scary place and I don’t like to go there often!  Then The Husband went to Idaho to get the new house ready to move into and well, I HAD to COOK!!!! (YES! I’m WHINING!!) The Husband took over the cooking when he retired in 2012. I even dedicated the kitchen as his man cave. This is the sign just above our kitchen in California.
Man cave sign

(I AM HYSTERICAL! Aren’t I!??!)

Needless to say, when The Husband is away I want everything and anything that make cooking and especially clean up easier. That’s where Cleancutting Sheets from CleverOne comes in.
Clean cutting bamboo cutting board flexible

What a brilliant idea this is! A FLEXIBLE cutting sheet. First, each sheet looks exactly like a wooden cutting board. A very pretty and pristine cutting board I might add. My cutting board is well, it’s very well-loved. It’s used every single day and it shows. There are burn marks, cuts, stains and well, it looks disgusting actually. It’s also porous! Yes, it gets cleaned everyday but am I completely sure it’s 100% germ free? Since it’s a really large, solid cutting board I won’t throw it away.  Some day I will sand and make brand new again, but in the meantime, I can peel the backing off a very thin Cleancutting Sheet and stick it to my cutting board! Made of renewable bamboo, it’s thin enough to be very flexible so I can easily transfer my chopped goodies to the pan, skillet, salad bowl or dog bowl.

bamboo flexible disposable cutting board

flexible bamboo cutting boardEach sheet can be used multiple times then when you need or want a new sheet simply throw away (guiltlessly…. remember renewable bamboo!) the old sheet and lay down a new one. Toss the sheet lose the germs! You only have to toss the old one away when it shows excessive wear, which is a long time! You can wash, rinse, and re-use time after time. Even cutting meat on these sheets doesn’t mean you have to throw them away!! Soap and water and then air dry!! Easy. Peasy!
Do NOT put in the dishwasher and Do NOT put them in the microwave.
easy cleaning flexible cutting board

Another great perk, there are two ways (okay three) to use these sheets. On the back of the sheets are peel-aways, need just a little tackiness? Peel just the top away for a sturdy stickiness peel the entire back. With the entire back peeled away these hold tight. Or just set the sheet on the cutting board as is.

peel n stick cutting board

bamboo flexible cutting board

Flexible Cutting board


I have one small whine. Not really about the sheets but more about the packaging. The cardboard cover that keeps the six 11″ by 14″ sheets together is too small and makes the sheets bow. I had to lay the sheets under heavy books for a couple of days to get them flat otherwise the sides would lift on the sheets. The sheets themselves work great. They stick on the old cutting board, counter or picnic table while you are camping.
Clean up is a BREEZE with Cleancutting Sheets!
Flexible cutting board



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