Christmas Idea!! Disney Princess Costume!!


PERFECT For The Tot’s On Your Christmas List!!!

The NaNa’s house doesn’t have much in the way of toys for the Grandkids (I’m lying… I have way too many!) What I do have is an AWESOME Dress Up bin. I LOVE imagination play!! I LOVE IT!!  I have everything from Star Wars to Disney Princesses. From wedding dress to cowboy outfits.

Costumes are NEVER just for Halloween in this house! Costumes mean year around FUN!! You have to GOT to check out Wholesale Halloween Costumes for Christmas gifts for you kids!! I am never ever disappointed with the quality and workmanship of these costumes. Which calling them costumes is almost a disservice. These are so well made they should be labeled Dress Up Clothes.

I am GIDDY over my newest addition to NaNa’s Dress Up Bin. This is Princess Aurora’s dress from the movie Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. This is the dress that Aurora wears at the end of the movie. I swear it’s a perfect match!! YES, I know, I went insane with photographs again. I just couldn’t help it!! HOLY MOLY! The details on this dress are amazing! Truly amazing.

The dress is a beautiful gold lace with pink flowers painted on through-out the dress. There are glittery gold vines through-out the dress as well.  The dress even has a plain silk under skirt in gold. The back is a velvet panel with a ZIPPER!! A ZIPPER PEOPLE!!! Not little Velcro closures a real ZIPPER!!  The sleeves are a sheer gold nylon with beautiful ribbons at the wrists, bottom of the bodice and around the neck line.

Maleficent Aurora Coronation Gown Prestige Child Costume

We couldn’t be more pleased with our Aurora Coronation Gown. The dress even comes with a simple gold crown with gold leaves. Absolute PERFECTION!!! This dress will be around until the Grandkids out grow it. The quality and craftsmanship are so amazing I’m positive that this dress will be handed down to more children.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes has a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE selection of princess costumes!!  Just in case you aren’t quite up-to-date on your Disney Princesses?? Check out Princess Wiki.


NOT a single one!! Okay, maybe just that NaNa can’t wear this dress, because I SO WOULD!!! It’s SO PRETTY!!! Absolute perfection!!

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  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Wow that is so beautiful! Look at every little detail. My granddaughters love to dress up as well and something like the would be absolutely perfect for them. Alice is just adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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