Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew CD Giveaway!!

Baby Alice and I belong to San Marcos Babies Crawl Rattle ‘n Roll.  A couple of weeks ago Miss Amy planned a wonderful Mother’s Day Celebration and for the entertainment?? Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew. OH MY GOSH!!  Talk about great entertainment!!

Clint had a room full of mesmerized tots!!  Alice was in AWE!!  Watching the little faces light up you couldn’t help but smile.
Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew is engaging fun. Clint draws in the toddlers, babies and us adults too.

The room is full of kids swaying and dancing, wearing hats, holding stuffed animals and the whole time Clint is laughing, singing, playing the guitar (sometimes with tot’s help) walking through the room……. all that and not stepping on a single crawling baby!!  (Seriously! The room was packed!! Clint has to have eyes in the back of his head!! There is NO other explanation!!)

This meeting was meant to be!!  Honestly!! You know how I know??  Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew’s debut album?  Jelly and Peanut Butter!!!!  SERIOUSLY!!  How cool is that?!?!?!

Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew is offering TWO very lucky winners a copy of the cd
Tell me this meeting was meant to be?!?!!

So on to the giveaway!!  Good Luck!!!

I will also be posting a REALLY BIG Clint Perry & The Boo Hoo Crew giveaway for San Diego Area residents (and or visitors!) later today!

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