Code 3! Cop, Drop and Roll!

I have a great Kickstarter game to share with you today called Code 3. Created by police officers! Police Officers that work with daughter Selena! How cool is that?
Who doesn’t love to support members of Law Enforcement!?! I know I do!

Know someone in Law Enforcement? Christmas is coming up! HINT Hint!
Thus game incorporates real cop calls sprinkled with flashes of 1980’s movies like Die Hard and others.

This game has been picked up by a publisher! That’s really exciting. To gauge the demand Code 3 is hoping to sell 400 copies in one day. I hope you will take a look at the game.

Pick police officers, run red lights, answer 911 calls, find evidence, kick doors in, take down crimes bosses -- and eat donuts!!

Set in the action packed 80s, Code 3 introduces The Beat Partners System. Choose two unique police officers (hardened, salty, inept, drunk, overzealous, etc.), and combine them to create your unique deck of crime fighting cop action. Explore different combinations of Beat Partners by choosing from a massive cast of characters (and K9s!) to take down challenging crime bosses!

You’ll also select a Police Chief, enhancing the powers and flexibility of your Beat Partners. Remember, the crime bosses are challenging! You will need the Police Chief’s help to get out of sticky situations. Just don’t get on the Chief’s bad side, or you may end up in Internal Affairs.

In Code 3 there are many ways to lose, but only one way to win – making tough choices, going goal by goal through a branching story. What choices will you make? Do you play it by the book? Or do you step just outside the line to get the job done? Will you vouch for your teammate in the Internal Affairs interview when you know they’re dirty? And will your choices come back to haunt you?

In Code 3 you enter an expansive world of story driven, sandbox style, tabletop gaming with a near endless level of replayability! For 2-4 players!


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