Collapsible Dog bowl

Collapsible, Portable Dog Bowl & 20% Off Coupon!

0109d60f04a7ae6b96f23c710a82f2d60db2eb17e2If you are like my family your pet is really just your baby with four legs.  Our fur-baby get’s very excited when she is offered the chance to go bye-bye!  Of course, I don’t always know how long I will have my little (okay, great BIG) fur-baby in the car with me. I never remember to bring Gracie a water bowl and I can’t tell you the number of times I have poured water in my hand for the Gracie to have a drink of water. Yes, I’ve also tried to giving her water straight from the bottle. It’s never pretty. And really, it’s kinda gross. Slobbery dog hands… or water bottle… never good.

NOW? Well, check this OUT! A completely Collapsible Dog Bowl, actually four completely collapsible dog bowls. These bowls fold up so flat that they easily fit my purse, car door, center console of my car or even in my back pocket. They take up absolutely no room!

The colors are great, orange, pink, green and yellow. 4 year old Alice took one look at the yellow one and declared it hers for Gold Fish crackers. Ahhh why not! Fur-baby, grand-baby…..

The bowls each have a nice sturdy rim around the outside, along with a heart-shaped cut out to add the bowl to a carboneer if you are hiking with your fur-baby.  The bowls are 5″ wide at the very top and 3½” at the bottom. The bowls are 2″ deep. The bowls are ½” thick when the bowls are folded. The bowls are made of 100% premium food grade silicone.  These bowls will hold plenty of water, food or gold-fish crackers!

IMG_3346 IMG_3344

These bowls wash up like a dream. Soap and water and air dry. Done!

Truly the best part of these bowls is how flat they fold down. Added for cuteness is an imprint of a puppy on the inside of the bowl.

These bowls are sturdy too. This is not some wimpy plastic. Trust me. in the last 2 weeks Alice has already opened and closed “her” bowl more times than I will probably ever open Gracie’s!

Grab 20% off until December 30, 2015 on this amazing set of Collapsible Dog Bowls. Add Coupon Code: IVX6QWYV


Nope, not a single one. Portable, fun colors, great size and Granddaughter approved. Two paws and four thumbs way up for this great pop-up pet bowls!!!



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