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I was given the opportunity to choose a costume for Halloween and write a review. I was like a kid in a candy store at Costume Discounters. It took me TWO days and several emails between my daughter Selena, my Mom and myself …. “Do you like this one??” “what about this one?”  “Ohhhhh this one is even BETTER!”  “Wait, wait, wait, go look at this one!”  Yes, a kid in a candy store!!
Costume Discounters has pages and pages of KIDS costumes, Little Red Riding Hood to Batman & Robin, infants to children. The adult section has everything you can imagine! Alice in Wonderland to Star Wars! Sexy costumes, Patriotic costumes, plus size, wigs, and hats too! All at prices that won’t break the bank!!

I finally chose the Kids S.W.A.T. Team Costume I couldn’t be more PLEASED!!! First super fast shipping.  Second, the quality of the costume is amazing!

The Kids S.W.A.T. Team Costume includes several pieces, starting with a full one piece, long sleeve, polyester bodysuit. The bodysuit is well constructed, with a 12 inch opening in the back that makes the costume easy to get on and off. The material is stretchy enough to fit a size 4 to a size 6. And if your trick-or treating on a colder evening there’s enough stretch to the body suit you can put it over a warm outfit. This is a costume you will WANT to show off!! Trust me!!  Anyway, there is plenty of stretch to it.
The next piece of the costume is the vest. This is not a thin vinyl piece that will tear the first time it’s worn. This vest is a heavy duty foam with strong binding sewn all the way around. The front of the vest sports bright green S.W.A.T lettering. There is a wide strip of velcro across the top and another along the bottom of the vest with 2″ wide side tabs used to close the vest making it adjustable for any size child. I wish I could get a better picture of the vest material. It’s so well constructed!!
SWAT Halloween costume
The velcro on the vest has duo purpose, not only to adjust for fitting, but is used to attach all the tools every proud S.W.A.T officer needs: A badge, a pair of binoculars on a neck strap, handcuffs, grenade, cell phone, and a working flashlight!! I love that the flashlight can be placed on the bottom strip of velcro and turned on so that my little trick or treater doesn’t trip and fall.  Each of the S.W.A.T tools have a large piece of heavyduty velcro attached to it so when they are secured to the vest you don’t have to worry they will fall off when the kids are running around. Costume Discounters get’s major gold stars for that!! Because it means no lost parts when the kids come home from trick-or-treating. Seriously! What little brother wants to wear a S.W.A.T uniform with out his handcuffs???  Top the whole costume off with the sturdy hard plastic helmet. The helmet has an adjustable chin strap and tinted green face shield that can be worn to cover the face or resting on the top of the helmet. With this costume you will have the best looking S.W.A.T kid on the block for several years!!
I also have to add how impressed I am with Costume Discounters price match. You find the identical costume on line for less and they will not only match the price but give you an additional 20% off! If you need to exchange your costume for a different size they offer free shipping both ways. Seriously, how could you go wrong?
Child's SWAT costume
Child's SWAT costume
Followers of my blog know about my model Mority.  But, for you newbies, Mority sits out all year long and has been for 6 or 7 years now. Well, with the exception of Christmas kidnapping. (If you search Mority on my blog you can read all about my his harrowing ordeal….. do you see my hand over my eyes? Scarlett O’Hara style?? Suffice to say I have BAD BAD children BAD!! Stop laughing! Mority doesn’t like to go bye bye!!) That is the only time he hasn’t been standing guard in the diningroom since DH brought him home as a gift. DH had NO IDEA what he created that day……. He’s still shakes his head in disbelief…. asking “what did I do???!)  Since that first year you never know what costume Mority will be sporting next but if your curious about past costumes you can check his Facebook page Mority Nunyar. Eventually I will put him in new costumes. But not for awhile…. I really REALLY love this S.W.A.T costume. He’ll be wearing it for a long while.
Ya’all can stop rolling your eyes at me!! I get enough of that from my kids!! Just wait till BabyT arrives (31 days away!!!) Then I’ll have 2 to play dress up with!! Oh wait… maybe I shouldn’t have said that outloud……. Selena & Dan don’t pay any attention to that last part!!! But, everybody else……… seriously wouldn’t BabyT look so sweet in this Pirate Princess for Halloween?!?!?!? Ohhhh and Mority could be the a Captain Jack Sparrow!?!? …… ohhhhh the wheels are a turnin’!!!

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