Crafting Calm by Maggie Oman Shannon

I knew within the first couple of pages of Crafting Calm, by Maggie Oman Shannon, I knew this book was meant for ME!!!  One of the first things that Maggie talks about is her work space is not clutter free. Like me, Maggie needs the visual of her craft idea’s and treasures around her to work.  People look at my work space and ask ‘how can you work in here?? There are so many distractions.  But, for me, having piles of fabric, rows of paint, photo’s everywhere is calming for me. It brings out my creativity! With Crafting Calm you can literally “craft the crazy away!”

Crafting Calm is more powerful than a craft book. It’s a spiritual guide, it’s peace of mind, it’s calming and exploring your creativity. Maggie gives idea’s, history and quotes throughout the book. Crafting Calm brings together creativity, spiritual practice mixed together with the love of arts and crafts to bring calm into your life.

This book is AWESOME!!!  It’s written in such a caring and loving way that you can’t help embracing your new outlook. Seeing future creations out of ordinary things. As theologian Mary Daly put it: “It is the creative potential itself in people that is the image of God.” 

Shaun McNiff: “Just as the religious person makes time for prayer during the day, the creative person makes time for expression. . . . Art as spiritual exercise suggests that any person can find a way to make time for the creative act each day.”

Maggie believes we have all been graced with creativity. Over the last decade, she has helped workshop participants make prayer beads, love boxes, pastel mandalas, tiny shrines, blessing baskets, and much more. 
Crafting Calm is 232 pages and 40 different projects. Chapters are set for eight different intentions: crafting for calm, clarity, comfort, contemplation, creation, community, connection with others, and connection with Spirit. Along with a list of resources for crafts, ideas for each particular project, and questions to help you journal and reflect in preparation for each project. Throughout the book are inspiring quotes. 

Maggie brings together cross-cultural forms of prayer and spiritual practice as an interfaith Minister, retreat and workshop leader, writer and blogger!!  WHEW!! What a list!! I can barely keep up with my little blog!! 

Truly a wonderful keepsake of a book that will inspire you!! 

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