Creative Ways The Family Can Express Thankfulness on Thanksgiving and Beyond!

DaddyNSmart tips from Daddy Nickell!!  Unique And Inspiring Ways To Teach The Kiddos How To Give Thanks!! 
Thanksgiving is almost here, and parents everywhere are wondering how they can teach their kids how to express thankfulness on the holiday and beyond. Rather than just going around the table and saying a quick list of things they are grateful for, moms and dads want creative and unique “I’m Thankful For…” ideas that will get the kiddos in the spirit of giving thanks!

From his experience in raising 7 children of his own, parenting expert Daddy Nickell has tried-and-true tips on ways to teach your kids how to give thanks:

Creative ways to express thankfulness on Thanksgiving:

1.     Thankfulness jar: Put out a decorative jar with a notepad and pen. Have family members write down things they are thankful for and read the notes at Thanksgiving dinner.
2.     Thankful turkeys: Do the old-fashioned hand turkey or be more elaborate, but have children write something they are thankful for on each of the turkey’s feathers. Use them as place cards or decorations.
3.     Alphabet list: Go around the table and have everyone say something they are thankful for. Be creative and use the alphabet to keep things going (each person has to say something they are thankful for that starts with the next letter in the alphabet.)
4.     Dry-erase board display: Have a dry-erase board on prominent display where people can write what they are thankful for.

5.     Thankful songs: Choose a popular tune, such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and have each child sing a song starting with the words “I am thankful for…” This will get your kids’ creativitiy going and is sure to bring joy and many laughs!

Ways to teach your kids how to always give thanks:

1.     Model the behavior. Say “thank you’s” yourself. Remember to thank your children when they make their beds or clean up their messes.  Tell them they make you happy when they follow the rules and bring you joy when they sing and dance. Demonstrate thankfulness in your own life.
2.     Make them wait (or work) for it. When kids get everything they ask for the minute they ask for it, they don’t appreciate it. If you make them wait a couple of days or until their next birthday, they will be incredibly grateful for the gifts when they receive them. Children also appreciate things more when they have contributed work or money towards them.
3.     Work thankfulness into your daily conversation.  Talk to your kids about how blessed you are to live where you do and remind them how special and important they are to you. Helping a child appreciate what they already have will help them be thankful for their life.
4.     Volunteer. Whether it’s bringing cookies to a neighbor lady, or filling food bags at a homeless shelter, your children will benefit from seeing the joy they can bring to those less fortunate than themselves.
5.     Write thank you notes. Somewhat old-fashioned and definitely on the out, thank you notes require the children to think about each person and why they appreciate them and the gift they gave. It takes time, and every kid loves receiving mail.
6.     Reward thankfulness. Recognize your child when they remember to say “thank you,” especially to a stranger. Tell them how proud or impressed you are with their behavior.
Daddy Nickell’s tips will help all parents teach their kids to be thankful on Thanksgiving and beyond! Use them to ensure that your kids make giving thanks a part of their daily life.
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  • Sarah L

    My mother ingrained ‘Thank you’ into my brain from a very young age. Sixty years later I am very free with ‘Thank you’ at all times. I even say silly ‘thanks’ like to the plate I dropped: Thank you for not breaking.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    I love this review! So awesome! So many times I have thought the thank you note cards aren’t the only thing going out. So many people don’t say thank you less teach it. This is a perfect reminder. Thank you for sharing.

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