Cuddle & Soothe Blanket

Alice and I are so excited to share our review of:
 Bright Starts Cuddle & Soothe Blanket.  
First Alice and I looked the blanket over top to bottom. The workmanship on this blanket is wonderful!! The teething corner is soft and chewy.  Alice and I can’t even begin to describe to you how soft this blanket is!  I’ve washed the Cuddle & Soothe twice and it looks like it just came out of the package and it’s AS SOFT as the day it arrived.      

I wish I could get a closer shot of just how tight Alice holds this blanket…….. 
she truly “white knuckle” holds her new blanket.

Alice is in love with this blanket!!

Oh Alice wants other babies to know…. ‘tastes good too!!’

This afternoon Alice even fell asleep with her Cuddle & Soothe Blanket and I tried to move it out of her face……. ummmm NOPE she just grabbed it tighter.

The Cuddle & Soothe Blanket is 12″x12″ BPA free and SUPER SOFT!!  The Cuddle & Soothe Blanket is highly recommended by Nonnie and Alice!!

There is even a ribbon loop to attach it to the stroller, swing or carseat.  

The blanket even has little ribbon tags to hold on to.

Notice the stitching on the teether part?  This blanket will last for YEARS!!

LOVE the orange and blue together!!    Cute CUTE CUTE little blanket!!

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  • Gena

    She’s beautiful! I really like that blanket and its colors, too.

    Thanks for entering at Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! for the Mompact Blog Hop and for following/posting on twitter.

    Nice to meet you!

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