Cut the Crazy! Home Organization!

 Cut the Crazy: Home Organization During the Holiday’s

Some families are fantastic at keeping their home organized and some are not. Some might even go as far as to hire a professional organizer like apartmentjeanie to restore some much-needed calm into their home and create a proper place for everything. If you’re not an organized family there’s no need to panic because there are ways to have an organized house, office, pantry, closets, and more. Don’t overwhelm yourself during the holidays – there are small ways you can make changes and improve your organization skills. So before you let the craziness of the holiday season get to you, here are some techniques that will help you get ready for the holidays and stay organized at home.

Start with your Closets

First tackle your home closets, including your coat closet and where you store the shoes. If you haven’t touched clothing, shoes, and accessories in a year or more you should either donate the items or throw them out. If this task seems overwhelming start first by separating clothing, shoes, and accessories by seasons. Sorting will help you figure out what you wear most of and what should be donated. Visibility will also help you recognize the pieces of clothing and accessories you haven’t touched in a year or more. Come up with a system and stick with it whenever you tackle organizing your closets.

Ask for One Big Present Instead of Small Ones

Once your closets are organized it doesn’t make sense to add to an organized space with more clothing and accessories you don’t need. Ask for a present from your spouse such as a sink console or vanity that will complement your bathroom décor. If you receive a sink console with a storage basket you can organize your bathroom accessories and put clean towels in the basket for guests.

Don’t Over Shop During the Holidays

With so many festive decorations in the stores during the holidays, it’s really easy to buy things you don’t need. Even though it’s tempting to pick up tableware and decorations make a list before you buy something you already have. Don’t overspend and if your budget doesn’t allow for making professional cards online you can buy inexpensive Christmas cards in a pharmacy store or send out e-cards. Also consider making handmade gifts instead of buying everyone presents when you can’t afford them.

After the Holidays are Over

If you weren’t organized when you began to decorate you can become organized when you put holiday decorations away. Store ornaments, lights, and wreaths in separate containers that are marked. Put them in your storage room in an area that you’ll remember and also face the boxes so that you can see each label.

In addition to organizing your holiday décor think of simple ways to focus in on your life in the new year. Whether it’s paying off the rest of your car, losing some weight, or writing down goals and following through with them, the new year is yours to discover. Having a plan will allow you to enjoy the new year knowing you’re making changes and there are steps in place so you can follow through with them, including staying organized.


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