Dark Wood Afloia Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser Review

I have become obsessed with diffusers over the last year, preferring the natural aromas of essential oils over chemical room sprays. My coworker was raving about her diffuser last year and I kept envisioning those reed diffusers and thinking to myself that was a weird thing to pack for vacations and to be obsessed with. Then I got a humidifier / diffuser and I ‘got’ it. What a game changer. I now have one in my bedroom prepped with a sleep enhancing blend I found on Pinterest, one at work and then this came. I absolutely love this Dark Wood Afloia Cool Mist Aroma diffuser, it’s my favorite! It has a sleek faux wood look to it and blends with my book cases perfectly. Only I couldn’t bring myself to hide it on the bookcase because it’s so pretty. Instead I gave it a more pronounced location in my favorite room, the kitchen. Again, seeking advice from Pinterest I found a really delightful clean room blend that I turn on after doing the dishes. It’s so inviting.

This diffuser makes a great addition, it has a very unique look to it and has a thin strip of white piping that changes colors. It sounds obnoxious and distracting but it’s so subtle and pretty I find it enhances the room. It’s perfect for a child’s room because its low profile doesn’t tip over easily, it blends into the room enough that the kiddos won’t want to investigate its contents. It comes in two finishes, light and dark. You don’t have to worry about condensation building on your furniture like traditional humidifier, no more wet carpet or nightstand. The mist is very fine and can be set on a timer of 2, 4 or 6 hours.

This diffuser could not be easier, the box includes only 3 things

  1. Diffuser unit
  2. Adapter
  3. Directions

That’s it. The directions for use are just as easy.

Simply plug the unit in, lift the lid and add water (I prefer distilled) to the max line and then your essential oils. As I have stated a few times I really like Pinterest for new blend ideas. This is definitely worth your money!


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  • Tamra Phelps

    It’s pretty, & with my nephews (baseball, football, junk food eaters, lol) running around here & creating odors galore, it might be pretty useful!

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