Day 3 Photo-A-Day Favorite Childhood Memory

Still working on my habit of blogging more consistently, I thought something like a photo a day challenge would work. It’s only day 3 so…. it’s going GREAT! (yes, again with the sarcasm!)

31 days of pictures inside my amazing craft-room.

Today’s photo prompt is Childhood Memory.  This is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad and I. Me in my little fur coat. Ohhhhh how I wish I had adult fur coat NOW!!  My Dad and his best bud Fred Fin.

How great is this frame?? It blends with the whole industrial theme of my craft room. LOVING the pipe motiff.

If you have a Childhood Memory that you want to share email it to me at Co****@pe******************.com  If this catches on I’ll do a weekly post of all the pictures!! In the subject line write Favorite Childhood Memory


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