Dead Mentors Book Review

Dead Mentors by Sandra Nichols has to be the most unique and interesting book I’ve read in a very long time!! Dead Mentors is so unique and thought provoking I hope I can do it justice in this review. This book is nourishment for the soul and food for the brain.  This is a book that will truly make you think.

Dead Mentors is told from three different points of view. Blended together so expertly!!  Dead Mentors is narrated by Dr. John Burns, clairvoyant therapist,  Although Dr. Burns only meets Sophia once he watches her life unfold by channeling her psychically. This is by far the most interesting book I’ve ever read. You get to follow Dr. Burns, Sophia and Sophia’s family. Including her mother’s ghost. Sophia is a lonely South Florida healthcare manager; she hates where she works, she has tons regrets, and failed ambitions. After a reading with Dr. Burns; Sonya  leaves the reading, disappointed with Burns’s forecast.

Not only do you learn about Dr. Burns and his life but; Sophia’s two sisters, her ailing father, and her mother, who died of cancer years before.  It’s so fascinating reading about Sophia’s journey through the eyes of Dr. Burns.

During a trip home, Sophia discovers a play her mother wrote while she was dying of cancer. The play is dedicated to Sophia. Sophia starts a new path for her own life, a life that will let her truly LIVE!! Sophia learns through the play that life’s choices are hers. She can continue to trudge through her life as she is or she can “know her true self” and live a meaningful true life.

The play “The Antiquity” takes place in the family cottage in Peterborough, Ontario. The Antiquity’s main character, Russell Durnin, a biomedical scientist, finds the missing link to his research among the paranormal inhabitants of a futuristic prison. As Sophia begins a journey to bring The Antiquity to life, she encounters a series of misfortunes that mirror those of Durnin and that force her to confront her darkest fears. On opening night of the play, as her mother’s portrait is unveiled upon the stage, Sophia discovers the secret of her emotional captivity.

Dead Mentors is beautifully written, that suggests most of us have lost our connection to the greater universe.

Dead Mentors makes me want to find my own psychic therapist. Dead Mentors is one of those books that you’ll want to read again and again!





    Now this sounds like my cup of tea. I particularly like books that tell the same story from different perspectives, allowing us to build up our own picture of the main characters.

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