Dear Diary….

My darling daughter Selena says I sure have a lot of excuses not to exercise. Well….. HELLO!??!?! I’ve got 51 YEARS worth stored up!! (Okay that might be a slight exaggeration I didn’t start exercising straight from the womb…. but I’m sure I was starting my list of excuses then! Just like thinking of places to stash M&M’s and Oreo cookies. It takes talent to hide them from siblings, children and other loved ones!)

I did very well today food wise, but I’ve been bad about my water lately. So that’s my goal for tomorrow drink 8 glasses of water. (You would think with as hot as it’s been, water would be the least of my worries! But noooooooo not me!)

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    You want to know where to hide your goodies, just ask a diabetic! After Dad died I found wrappers in his socks, shoes, taped to the underside of his desk …

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