Decorating With Canvas! AFFORDABLY!!!

Now, if you guys really thought I could spend 6 weeks with Alice and not create at least ONE canvas you do NOT know me at all! If you are shaking your head and asking “whaddaya mean there is only ONE” well, then you know me REALLY well!

Check out my sweet fish. I mean my sweet Granddaughter Alice! Seriously, though she is half fish. I was in the pool more this vacation than in my entire life! Alice would live in the pool if she was allowed.

(See? Vacation didn’t do my attention span any good! I still get easily distracted! Oh look! Shiny!!)

My canvas is by Parrot Print and just like their tag line says they DO bring images to life!!

The hardest part of ordering from Parrot Print? Deciding which picture to use! And by which picture I mean which one of Alice. I have beautiful nature pictures but my favorite subject will ALWAYS and forever be Alice!

Shipping is wicked fast. My canvas arrived without a single dent, scratch or flaw.

My craft-room is so bright (I know… it’s a terrible problem to have. NOT!) but, it is hard to get a great shot of this canvas. Trust me. It’s perfect just like the subject! The colors POP!! You can see the details in the waves of the water. Water looks like you could dive right in. Droplets of water on her ear lobes. AND that big smile radiates from the canvas!

The canvas has a small saw tooth hanger so it was immediately ready to hang up.

Parrot Print is a canvas printing company based in the UK. However they ship anywhere to the US and EU countries as well!!  Soon they will be adding Canada and Australia!

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