Designer Shoes Online!!

Well, that nasty flu bug that’s been around finally found me……. although not sure how……….. I was huddled behind the couch, under a blanket, pretendingto be a house plant.  Sneaky dang flu bug!  But, I’m making the best of it, bundled up on the couch shopping for designer shoes online!

High Heel 1

High Heel 2I mean really, what else would I do? I am a sucker for a high heel!  I love ’em!!  They truly are one thing I miss about having a job outside the home.  Dress up… with heels!!

Oh MAN do I ever love these shoes!! Course the way I feel today I think I would love a good pair of flats!

What about you?  High heels?  Flats?  What do you shop for when your home sick?

Flats 1
Flats 2


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