Diamond Candle GIVEAWAY or $25 PayPal Cash

Congratulations to Diane! PB&Whine’s November winner!!  Congratulations Diane! 

Diamond Candle Giveaway! Single Blog!

I’m counting November as another successful Diamond Candle Giveaway!! Let’s keep going. Good LUCK!!!!

I am the sole sponsor of this giveaway sooooo……. all of the entries are about me. Me, me, ME! If you have been following the Candle or Cash giveaways here on Peanut Butter and Whine you can breeze through these entries!! Or do a couple every visit! You know… when you come back to tweet and vote for me!! I am all about the subtle hints!!

This is just my way of thanking you for coming back, clicking links, checking out my sponsors….. the more pages you click the better my numbers, the more giveaways I can afford to hold on my own. It’s a WIN WIN!!  

Soooo….. y’all come back now, ya here?? GOOD LUCK!!! I hope that my winners will send me a picture of their ring if they choose the Diamond Candle over the cash.  Good LUCK!!!


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