Diamond Candle or PayPal Cash Giveaway!!

I had to pull another name.  My last winner never answered my emails.  I email twice. Be sure to check your SPAM folders just in case. OR leave your address in the Giveaway Tools then I consider that a confirmed winner.  No missing confirmation emails.  

Congratulations to Rani!!   Rani I hope you’ll send me a photo of your ring so I can show everyone!!  I really hope there is a $5000 ring inside!! Please send a photo!! I love seeing the prizes!!  

You chose! A Diamond Candle or PayPal Cash!!

Well, I guess you guys aren’t bored with this giveaway yet. So, let’s do it AGAIN!!! Good LUCK!!!!

The PayPal part of this giveaway is open World Wide. The candle will have to be a USA winner. Sorry!

As a reminder I am paying for this giveaway out of my pocket sooooo……. all of the entries are about me. Me, me, oh and did I mention……… ME! If you have been following Peanut Butter and Whine for awhile you can breeze through these entries they are the same month after month!! Or do a couple every visit! You know… when you come back to tweet and vote for me!! Maybe click a link or two….. I am all about the subtle hints!!

The giveaway is my way of thanking each and every one of you for coming back! Clicking links, checking out my sponsors is a way to thank ME for the giveaways. The more pages you click the better my numbers, the more giveaways I can afford to hold on my own. It’s a WIN WIN!!

$25 OR a Diamond Candle Giveaway!! Your Choice!!

Here we go again!!  Another very successful month for the Diamond Candle Giveaway!!  Congratulations to: Stacey D. June’s winner!!  So, like I’ve said before, I HAVE the BEST followers!!  So, let’s do another Diamond Candle Giveaway!! If you aren’t familiar with Diamond Candles……. not only do the smell divine…. each candle holds …

Soooo….. y’all come back now, ya here?? GOOD LUCK!!! I hope that my winners will send me a picture of their ring if they choose the Diamond Candle over the cash.

Good LUCK!!


  • Geoff K

    It’s hard to pick a favorite movie, but I would have to go with “Vertigo.” It’s the one movie that I never get tired of watching yet always find something new or fresh about it with each viewing.

  • Debra Pearlstein

    I love a lot of movies. Two of my favorites are Pan’s Labyrinth and The Departed. In Pan’s Labyrinth you get the surrealistic amazing story and imagery and in The Departed the story and acting is outstanding!

  • Stacey A Smith

    I have a thing for action Movies so my favorite Movie is Die Hard tied with Independence Day . and I just love end of the world type Movies.

  • April Farley

    I am & have always been a huge Stevie Nicks fan. My fav song of all time is “Sometimes its a B_ _ _ H Sometimes its a Breeze. IT hits home on every level for me. IT is my life anthem.

  • Heather Bridson

    My favorite movie depends on what mood I’m in. I love the Shrek movies, I love Benny & June, Bed of Roses, Just so many! And then there is sci-fi… realy can’t pick a specific favorite..although Thor is quite the hottie, so I’ll go with Thor for now!

  • Anne Marie Carter

    My favorite movie is Somewhere in Time. I love the scene where he finds a modern penny, and that brings him back to the present time.
    My favorite song is anything by Judy Garland.

  • Jeani Brickner

    one of my most fav movies is sense and sensibility with kiera knightly. 🙂 oh and bridget jones diary. makes me laugh every single time.

  • Brandi Dawn

    My favorite song varies by mood…today its: Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Connnnnie…Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!!!

  • Joyce Alexander

    I have so many favorite songs but the one that stands out is: ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. Same goes for movies, but one I can watch over & over again is ‘Grease’.

    • Connie Gruning

      Joyce, It’s a Wonderful World is truly my all time favorite song. I can’t help but sing along and just feel HAPPY!! I LOVE that song!! Grease! We could be best friends! Good Luck!

  • Hannah Wood

    My favorite movie is She’s The Man. Mainly because it has Channing Tatum in it and it’s pre-crazy Amanda Bynes at her finest.

  • Christina Sparks

    I have been looking at getting some of these Diamond Candles. I like the idea that it comes with a ring.

  • alena svetelska

    My favorite movie would be Ghost and Dirty dancing.Hard to choose just one when i have so many favorites movies;-)

  • Georgia Beckman

    My favorite song is “It’s Your World Now” by the Eagles. Gosh, favorite movie………..for years it was “Shining Through” but I’ve added a few others too. I love Walking In The Clouds, Hope Springs, The American President.

  • Erin Madigan

    My favorite movie is “Sweet Home Alabama”. I just love the storyline behind the movie. I could seriously watch it everyday!

    • Connie Gruning

      Diane, I have to look that up. I don’t know that I’ve seen that one. I went and looked it up, Josh Duhamel LOVE LOVE LOVE him!! I don’t know why I haven’t seen this movie! I’ll add it to my ‘must rent’ list. Thanks for the tip.

  • alesha ol

    one of my favorite songs is by Billy Vera and the Beaters “What did you think” (at this moment) So many memories attached to that song >>>>

  • kristin sims

    My all time favorite movie is “Top Gun”. Like a fool, in middle school, I had a huge notebook, and wrote every line (like a play) of the whole movie!

  • stacy

    My all-time favorite movie is the Goonies. I have seen it so many times, I can pretty much recite the entire movie from beginning to end, including the Spanish parts!

  • tina m

    I love so many different songs but I think that the ones I pick is Dust in the Wind, Proud Mary and Spirit in the Sky. Most of the movies that I tend to watch seems to be cartoons and I would have to say one of my most favorites is Shrek 2 and South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

  • Jennifer Sparks

    I have way too many favorite songs to list. One I like to listen to for a nice mood lifter is “Firework” by Katy Parry. I also LOVE all of the X-men movies. how hot is Wolverine??

  • Julie W

    I have several favorites. If I had to pick my most favorite, favorite song it would be Only Hope by Mandy Moore. Normally I like everything about a song but the bridge. I like everything about Only Hope, especially the bridge!

  • Jan Lee

    My favorite movie is Top Gun with Tom Hanks. I don’t remember all the actor’s names in it, except Meg Ryan and Anthony something lol I can see the lead female but I can’t remember her name, Kelly something maybe?? lol I just liked it because of the flying, and of course the uniforms, woo hoo 🙂

  • Isabella Taul

    Oh no, I have so many favorite movies and songs! Um, let’s see. One of my favorite movies is Uptown Girls, a comedy drama that reminds me of my childhood.

  • Sue E

    I love Born Free & Forrest Gump & The Outlaw Josie Wales
    (alot of Patrick Swayze movies) very HARD to choose!!!

  • Rhonda Martin

    I don’t have a single favorite song or movie but several favorite of both. Top 10 movies in no particular order would be: Road House (Patrick & Sam OMG sooo sexy), Mask (Sam again & Cher) , Ghost (Patrick & Demi) Dirty Dancing , Pretty Women (love Julia in this one) , Pay It Forward, Fried Green Tomato’s, Titanic, What’s Eating Gilbert Grapes (love Johnny Depp’s long hair in this movie) and The Notebook.
    Now for songs: Unchained Melody, Dream Weaver, Your So Vain (love Carly), Heart of Gold by Neil Young and American Pie (my man can sing this like no other, did I mention he sings & plays guitar), Me & Bobby McGee, Piece Of My Heart (Janis Joplin) Telling my age by the music and movie list lol.

  • Margaret Smith

    My favorite Movie is the Notebook. Would love to try one of these Diamond candles. Thanks for the chance.

  • Melissa S

    I have always loved The Princess Bride, I read the book way back when it was first released and I thought they did a good job with adapting it into a movie.

  • Melissa S

    I would love to have the lavender lemon candle if I won. I have never smelled that combo but love both scents.

  • Jamie Martin

    My favourite movies are Ten Inch Hero, Enough, and Unfaithful. Yes, they all sound like ‘adult films’, but they’re not!

  • Susan Robbins

    My favorite movie is “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,” because it has so many stars in it.
    Also, I love the comedy of Phil Silvers, Ethel Merman, Johnathan Winters, Mickey Rooney, and Sid Caesar in it.

  • Chelsey

    My favorite song is Hero by Mariah Carey. I feel the song is very encouraging and inspiring. The lyrics are very encouraging and the music is beautiful.

  • Melissa Bowers

    I’d have to say my favorite movie of all time just might be White Christmas. I love the costumes, songs, and dancing.

  • Natalie Brown

    Hi! My all-time favorite movie is Forrest Gump. I’ve watched it so many times I know all the lines by heart. So heartwarming, endearing, and funny. Just love it!! Thanks!

  • nancy chipriano

    My favorite movie is “The Age of Innocence”. It is based on the novel by Edith Wharton, my favorite author! So good and a great commentary of sexism in the past.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Oh that would be hard as I love all Doris Day movies, Gene Kelly movies, Carey Grant movies, really all old movies. I loved, While you were sleeping! I could watch a good old movie all day long. Just never have the time to sit down and watch one.

    • Tamra Phelps

      Forgot it had to be 2 sentences! I did one long sentence, lol, so I’ll tell you my favorite song, too! My favorite song is probably Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback.

  • Jessica C

    My favourite movie would have to be the last song , I watched that movie a lot of times with my mom and sister, we find it so touching and it makes us shed tears every time lol but regardless the tears we still watch the movie for the wonderful story.

  • Lesley M

    My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing 🙂 My favorite song is any version of Amazing Grace (although I usually start crying every time I hear it).

  • Birgit L.

    My all time favorite movie must be “Pillow Talk” with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. A wonderful feel-good movie that’s perfect no matter if I’m happy or sad – apparently it goes with every mood! 😉

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