Diamond Finish The Protector!!

Is there anyone out there that enjoys washing windows?  Personally,  I try very hard to ignore my windows at home. So much so that we put wooden shutters throughout. Okay, maybe it was more for privacy than for hiding windows but it made for a good opening right?

Of course for someone who really hates to do windows I can’t believe that we just bought a house with TONS of windows. I don’t care. The view will be 100% worth the washing time!!  Yes, it’s official we bought a house in Idaho. Look at these windows!! These are just the master suite windows!

I want to scream I love this view so much!! Hold your ears I have to do it. I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!!! I LOVE THIS VIEW!!!!  I LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!!

Okay, sorry about that. I really wanted to share with you a product that I will officially need shipped in by the case!! Diamond Finish. WOW this stuff is amazing!! As soon as I saw their video I was in. Take a look!!

Then Diamond Finish arrived at my house I was even more impressed. This is a one step cleaner. This works on everything!! When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!!
This cleans glass so easy it will bring tears to your eyes. Mirrors? WOW easy!! Stainless steel. Enamel, tile, marble, granite, crystal. Diamond Finish is even safe for the CAR!!

Diamond Finish contains no ammonia, silicone, petroleum, wax or harsh chemicals.

Diamond Finish leaves behind a microscopic, protective barrier that repels fingerprints. AND it REALLY TRULY DOES! Check the before and after shots!! I even tried to leave a smudge or fingerprint on my iPad and I couldn’t. Amazing stuff! One mist did both my iPad and my phone AND my eye glasses!!

I started with my iPad which is ALWAYS smudged and full of fingerprints. Mist the surface, one quick pump is all you need. using the included microfiber towel lightly buff the area and BAMB a super clean smudge free surface. The surface of my iPad repels fingerprints for at least 48 hour. This is amazing. My iPad is the most used electronic device I own! Yes, even more than my phone. Speaking of phone. CLEAN and smudge free. TV screen check! Windows easy!! Mirrors amazing!

iPad with fingerprints and smudges:

A light mist:

Me trying to smudge the surface:

Zip. Zero. Nada fingerprints left behind!! WOW!!!

Then I started trying some other areas that I can’t get or keep clean like the fish tank. I have an acrylic 60 gallon tank. I’ve always said I will never ever go acrylic again! EVER!! It’s harder to clean, it’s never smudge free. No matter what I use it always has that film, it’s never ever streak free. Until now. WOW! I can’t believe Diamond Finish cleaned the tank. Even the hard water spots? GONE!! I was 100% sold when that was crystal clear! WOW!!

It also repels dust and water as well. Diamond Finish kills 99.95% of bacteria as well!


NONE! Not a single one. From windows to the acrylic fish tank it cleans QUICKLY. Easily. With truly a lasting shine. WOW!!! Now, who do I see about having this delivered in 25 gallon drums!? Available in a small 4 ounce size Diamond Finish that arrives with the microfiber cloth. But, trust me go ahead and order the Diamond Finish 32 ounce refill at the same time!!


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