Didn’t NEED An Easel. Got One Anyway!

I really am the worst impulse shopper ever! I ran into Michaels Craft Store before Christmas to purchase just ONE thing. I told myself I was going right in and right out. I didn’t even take my credit card. I had enough cash to grab more iron on vinyl for the Grandkids t-shirts. Yeah… that whole pep-talk, no wallet thing didn’t work.  It never works! That store sucks me in every time, especially with the sales!  That’s a long way around telling you why and HOW I managed to come home with a new painting easel for the Grandkids! It was half off!! HALF!! I just couldn’t resist!!

It is pretty cool! One side is a blackboard and the other side is a whiteboard. Along the top is also a fitted bar to hold a roll of paper.

Putting it together…. well, if you actually put the legs on correctly it goes together easily. I managed to put it together myself, but it did take me 2 tries.  I really should start with the directions!

It’s a nice sturdy easel. With baskets that are attached and under the easel to hold the paints, markers and brushes. I can also stash the drop cloth in a basket. (These kids are messy! My rug is NEW! Besides I had extra $$ since the easel was half off!)

I love that it folds up and stores out-of-the-way. That’s important because my little craft room is jam-packed, crowded!!

The day after I purchased my easel I had an offer to review a roll of butcher paper. HOT DIGGITY!! Not only is the roll of butcher paper the perfect width of 18″ it’s also 75″ LONG!! Better yet it’s PINK!!! More of a brownish pink but it’s still pink!  This is truly quality paper, perfect for smoking meat or art work!! The paper is thick enough that marker doesn’t bleed through. Thick enough that craft paints don’t bleed through either!!

If you are looking for butcher paper for food this paper is FDA approved and made in the USA too!

This butcher paper arrived in a very sturdy tube so the paper arrives without a single wrinkle or tear.

  • ✅BETTER THAN ALUMINUM FOIL: Our pink butcher paper beats foil hands down because it is an exclusive blend of kraft pulp, engineered for resistance to heat and moisture which allows the meat to breath & directly contributes to the flavor, moistness and texture of the meat.
  • ✅ UNWAXED FOOD GRADE PAPER: Our pink butcher paper has excellent wet strength, which is vital to avoid messy slip-ups when cooking, resting, and cutting meat. And it accomplishes this without any sort of wax, plastic coating or anything else that could affect the flavor of what you have cooked.
  • ✅ FDA APPROVED: Our pink butcher paper is 100% FDA approved for direct food contact and manufactured with highest quality in USA.


Nope! Strong, thick paper that doesn’t bleed through when the kids are painting. The paper is a great color! Bonus I can cook with it if I wanted (and didn’t tell the kids!)!! How can I complain about that!?



  • Sue E

    I forgot all about the fun art easel!! My kids had one when they were little. They called it the two sides of FUN toy! I now want to get one for my grandkids. I did not know Michael’s carried these! They offer coupons to Michael’s all the time. I am going to check it out. Thank you for this information!!


    Ah, the lure of the sales! At least you got something that’s going to be used & enjoyed, not something that will ‘come in handy one day’!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Half off? well, clearly you had to get it! You saved money! Lol, I can relate to that logic, definitely. I use that logic most days! And that paper reminds me of what my Grandparents used years ago—& we would swipe it to draw on!

  • clojo9372

    Oh man that is sweeet! I used blackboards and whiteboards since I was a kid, and I still have use for them as an adult. And at half off? I wouldn’t be able to resist it either! 🙂

  • michele

    I know just how you feel about going in to buy 1 thing!! But this was a great sale and the blackboard side is awesome for kids.. you did good Connie

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