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Three year old Alice is obsessed with Jake and The Neverland Pirates. If I need a 20 minute break I just put Jake and his crew on the TV and BAM…. quiet and mesmerized Alice. Jake is my go to bribe for everything!! Jake is THE ONLY thing that has worked as an incentive to poop in the pAlBride2otty. Alice LOVES the whole gang; from Jake to Izzy; Hook to Tic-Tock-Croc and absolutely everyone in between.

Alice and I were playing dress-up when the mailman brought my Disney Costumes package to the door. Wait until you see!!  Only the CUTEST Izzy from Jake and The Neverland Pirates costume arrived.

Before I took the costume from the package I asked Alice if she wanted to play dress up in something else. “Nope! NaNa I’m a BRIDE today!!”

I pulled Izzy out and her entire face LIT UP and she couldn’t get her wedding dress off fast enough!!  The wedding dress is a NaNa’s house dress up dress and Alice cries every time she has to take it off and leave it here . So for her to want to take this off? It’s MAJOR!!!


Check out this costume!!  Everything on Alice is included in the package. From the bandanna to the boot covers!


Yay hey! Pirates!!  The Jake and the Neverland Pirate Deluxe Toddler Izzy Costume comes with everything. The satiny pink dress/tunic, leggings, bandanna, boot covers, and pouch.

This is the CUTEST costume!!!  The satiny pink tunic has puffy cap sleeves and a petticoat trim under the scalloped hem. The tunic closes in the back with a single Velcro circle; but it holds the top closed all day.  There are purple leggings to wear underneath; the leggings are like a lightweight pants made of a thin polyester with an elastic waistband.  Next is the big brown boot covers; these cuffed boots truly MAKE this outfit. The boots have elastic around the bottom instead of soles, so they easily fit over most size shoes.  There’s also a pink satiny bandanna with white detailing and a Jake logo with Izzy’s picture on it.  Alice’s favorite feature is the yellow magic pixie dust pouch on a suede cord that closes with Velcro.

If you aren’t familiar with Jake and his Neverland Pirates, Izzy is a six-year-old girl who is Jake’s second in command in the show.  She’s a smart, independent girl and a great role model.



I do wish that the boots had elastic that went under the child’s shoes because the boots seem to slip off the shoes. Overall, we are both thrilled with this costume! Alice, because she can dress up as her hero Izzy.  I’m thrilled with the price of $16.99.  This is such a CUTE COSTUME!!!!!!!!

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  • Ronald Gagnon

    From all the pictures (and attitudes) you have posted along with the different costumes..I am guessing you had at least as much fun as she did..God bless you..but enjoy every moment because our little girl went from a 3 year old “I want to be a vetrenarian”, we turned around and she is a 16 year grade 11 honor student who works after school as a vetrenarians asissitant.

  • Carol Smith

    Adorable pictures!! Alice looks like she is injoying herself so much. And what a wonderful model she is being. Thank you for the introduction to Anytime Costumes! My grandson loves Spiderman and they have a wonderful selection and great prices!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, my youngest nephew likes that show, too. That is a cute costume, & she looks like she is really into being Izzy!

  • Rosie

    what a heart stealer – so cute!!! I got quite a few chuckles from your post!!! These are cute costumes and look like they will hold up to some rough and tumble playing!!!

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