Dog Bark Collars!! I found ’em!!

Do you have a barker? We have one in the family, his name is Bosco!  Bosco will bark if the wind blows!! Bosco WILL bark when the baby falls asleep!!  Bosco then get’s Jack going…. soon NaNa did not get her quiet time because now the baby is awake……. the dogs are still barking and everyone is grumpy!!

For everyone’s sanity I’ve been searching for Dog Bark Collars. Here is what I’ve learned.  There are three types, Electric where the dog gets a brief shot of static electricity to deter barking. You set the level of static electricity the dog receives.  These are the most popular because they are the easiest to get the behavior you want, which is, NO barking!!
Next is the Citronella Bark Collar, a squirt of unpleasant smelling mist is released at the dog to deter barking. These are less effective long term.
Ultrasonic Bark Collars is the next kind, this one uses a high pitched noise to correct barking. Sonic collars are the least obtrusive intervention which means they are the least effective. Sonic collars are great for the submissive barkers.  (Jack and Bosco… they aren’t submissive barkers!)

What I like about this site is each collar has PRO’s and CON’s.  Paw ratings 1 to 5. There are photo’s. I mean REAL photo’s. Up close photo’s of the collars and what makes them work. I’ve never seen such a detailed write ups of each product on any other site!!  These guys KNOW their stuff!!  Check out the page Dog Collar Basics for tons of information like: 
Bark Collar Training
Dog bark collar training is based around three basic principles:
  1. Understanding the Cause of the Barking – understanding the reasons behind your dog’s nuisance barking will help us address the underlying cause of the behavior and find an answer
  2. Detering Barking – we will use the bark collar and a little bit of doggie psychology to stop rewarding the dog for barking, and making barking an unpleasant activity
  3. Rewarding Quiet – when your dog is calm and quiet, we will reward him for being in the desired state of mind to encourage him to keep in that state of mind
Finally, if you have any questions, please call us on 1-888-936-4349, or email us at [email protected].

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced in anyway. 


  • Alison Sommer

    I’d love if my dog would stop barking in the house, he’s so loud for such a small dog, but these collars seem a little mean…. *torn*

  • Robin Wilson

    I would never have believed that a mini poodle, my Zuzu, could bark with volume and intensity. But she does and she barks at everything! I mean everything and she doesn’t know when to stop. I have thought about these collars before, maybe the Citronella would be okay, but not the Electric I don’t think. I will have to read more…thanks!

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